Having a baby was always a major fear for me. Since I grew up with a gynecologist dad, I had all the (ugly) details of it all. I was a very curious little girl and I used to listen to grown-up conversations all the time. So I knew everything pregnant women out there were going through. I knew what to expect, when to go to the hospital, when a feeling meant bad news and more importantly what not to eat while pregnant. So I grew up with this idea of pregnancy as the hardest thing to go through in life. Even though I used to love looking at newborns through the nursery window at the hospital while waiting for my dad to finish his visits and take me to the beach, I wondered if I could ever have a baby myself.

Fast forward to 2017, where I’m writing this piece with my beautiful baby daughter (Alex) sleeping by my side. How I got here is surreal! I did it. And I can tell you it was the most wonderful experience of my life.

You can never know the true meaning of being a parent until you become one. I always loved kids and spent lots of time babysitting my cousins and playing with them at family lunches. Having my own kid was always in the picture, but never a realistic one. In my head, I was not strong enough to go through pregnancy and labor. But surprise, here I am, bottle and pacifier in hand, about to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you all.

Many say there are no words to describe the beauty of parenthood. Challenge accepted! Through this website, I will do my best to use words that describe what it is to go through this journey.




  1. I loooove the way you develop, write and organize content on your blog. I cant wait to read more about this motherhood journey. Way to go

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