When Alex threw up milk and almost choked on it for the first time, I knew I had officially become a mother. I thought I knew what it was to panic in life, but never had I panicked that much. It was 6 in the morning, I had just finished feeding the baby, when suddenly, milk comes pouring out of her mouth and nose. I lift her up in panic and watch as she quickly turns red. My reflex was to lift her up, resulting in milk on my socks and on the floor. She was breathing again and that’s what mattered. From that minute on, I called the doctor, and started my frenetic research on reflux in newborns. For those of you facing this right now, I know how hard it is to deal with it, despite the fact that it’s common in 75% of babies, but I promise it gets so much better with time.

There are some very useful tips I gathered from my own experience, from other moms, from the doctor and from the internet (I only trust ‘babycentre’ and ‘what to expect’). Here they are:

– Start by switching to the Anti-regurgitation version of your milk. This is what the doctor will recommend as a first step. Be patient though, as it takes two weeks to see some results.

– You have to be extremely patient when feeding your little one. During the early days of reflux, I used to stop her every 30 ml, hold her upright and burp her for 2 minutes. With time, as things get better, you can do this every 60 ml. Also, make sure the baby is in a slightly upright position while drinking.

– When she is done with the bottle, we hold her upright for 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow the milk to calmly go down her tiny oesophagus and make a complete and smooth digestion.

– When or if she ever throws up profusely again, hold her slightly inclined to the front. The milk will go straight out her mouth (and on the floor, but at this point you won’t even care), instead of going up and down her digestive system many times.

– To hear a good, satisfying burp, gently rub your baby’s back on her left side, as that’s where the stomach is. Works every time!

Trust me, follow the above and you’ll be absolutely fine! Stay tuned for how to deal with colics and gas!

P.S. Any advice is more than welcome!

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