Even though the modern cook prints recipes from the internet or even flips through them on his or her iPad, I still love a colorful cookbook to get inspired from. Book lovers surely understand what it is to physically touch what you’re reading and having it tucked in safe onto your bookshelf. I know I write recipes and I’m counting on you guys to refer to them for this blog to survive 😉 but physical stuff still matter.

So here are 5 books for your kitchen shelf to keep you inspired and motivated to be a better a cook.

Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth is the best book to learn important baking techniques. Once you master these little recipes and tricks, you’ll be able to create your own!

books for your kitchen | breadonbutter

Marabout’s Cuisine du Monde inspires you to cook local and national dishes with easiness and a trendy touch. It’s one of the first cookbooks I ever bought.

books for your kitchen | breadonbutter

La cuisine Grecque Authentique is a book I hold very close to my heart as it was given to me by my grandmother. I so far only made one recipe out of it but planning to dig into it a little more this summer.

books for your kitchen | breadonbutter

Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie is one of the first books we got for our home. It teaches you important techniques such as de-boning a chicken or filleting a fish so that you become a skillful cook.

books for your kitchen | breadonbutter

Seasons by Donna Hay is the most inspiring food photography book and presents creative recipes for every season. This book gives me an itch to host dinners and barbecues whenever I flip its pages.

books for your kitchen | breadonbutter


Any cookbook you swear by? We’d love to hear! 


  1. I’ve become a huge fan of cookbooks recently and I cannot but buy new ones every time I travel or find myself at a bookstore.

    Even though I don’t have this book physically on my bookshelf, but I truly enjoyed reading Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.” The book is so easy to read and guides you through everything you need to know about cooking and kitchen techniques, so it is perfect for someone who is just starting out or polishing your skills.

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