Summer in Lebanon cannot go by without at least one weekend in the Bekaa, the country’s most important farming and agricultural region. Wheat, corn, cotton, and vegetables are produced there and it also hosts a big number of vineyards and orchards mainly located around Zahle. 
On our way there last Saturday, we took the normal route, and stopped by our usual spots (to eat of course) before getting to Tawlet Ammiq, an eco-friendly Lebanese restaurant. 
Here’s what was on the menu:

Stop for ‘Labneh Makbousse’ at Hedwen (Chtaura)
You can also buy jam and olive oil (Hedwen)
The ‘Kaak bi Halib’ (Hedwen)

Araq at Tawlet Ammiq
Lots of local fruits
The famous “janereg” – the unexplained Lebanese fruit of the season – with a 961 beer before lunch
Boiled artichokes dipped in olive oil, lemon and garlic
“Batata Harra” i.e. fried potato cubes with coriander, chili powder and garlic
Halloumi cheese and strawberry jam
Rice, “Chich Barak” and “Mouloukhieh” – that I will be cooking and sharing soon
Grilled tomatoes, onions and broccoli skewers
Fresh lemonade
Fresh vine leaves to eat everything with
More fruits
Stuffed vine leaves in oil
Such a Saturday really makes you love your country.

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