It’s been two bucket lists since 2015 and since I’m sharing them with you, I find myself making an effort to follow them. In March, my bucket list was quite short and easy to follow. I made a flour-less cake but it didn’t puff up ;), I planned my trip to Paris and made lists of new places to visit and things to do, I walked around Beirut quite a lot, and I cooked an Ethiopian ethnic meal (recipe here). This month, let’s hope I achieve more of my list.

Breadonbutter’s April Bucket List

  1. Start (and finish!) Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
  2. Make a 5-layered cake for my mom’s birthday end of April
  3. Make the last stew before summer and hot weather hit us
  4. Go out more for drinks and happy hour (I’m loving Badaro Street and its new bars)
  5. Do more outdoor activities like hiking and camping
  6. Have more BBQ gatherings like this one, with friends, the sunset and nature
  7. Find new and talented Lebanese designers
  8. We almost bought a house so I plan on making amazing finds to decorate it really well (like these beautiful ceramic tiles)
  9. Take more photos of people, capturing their unique personalities
  10. Cook more of those delicious healthy meals
  11. Find new ingredients to add flavor to our dishes, like these
  12. Watch The Darjeeling Limited , Birdman and Waitress
  13. And of course, try at least 2 new cool restaurants in Beirut

Here’s to making it happen! 🙂

What are your plans this April?

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