There is no question about traveling the world being one of the ultimate forms of wealth in life. Having the chance to explore new countries and new cultures has become a need more than a luxury for our generation. Being a foodie makes it a thousand times more exciting and interesting, especially when you’re open to trying new flavors and spices and if unknown ingredients are not scary to you. A foodie traveler counts food as sights not to miss and eating it as an experience not to miss. Lists and lists of places to eat and street food to try are made and inserted into bucket lists, then followed to the letter. We then bring this richness back home as we try to reproduce those dishes that made our eyes shine and body content.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. Meanwhile, my sister gave us this beautiful gift at Christmas for us to explore the world from our kitchen.

Around The World in 120 Recipes, by Allegra McEvedy

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From a simple Peanut Butter Shake recipe, to the one of a Rabbit Lasagne, all the way to a Snail and Spinach Quiche, this book will give you everything from all tastes and cultures. If you have foodie and traveler in your blood, buy it now!

Carted around countries as a child with her historian father, Allegra McEvedy was encouraged to keep a diary, but it was clear before the age of ten that her daily descriptions contained only passing references to the cornucopia of culture she’d seen that day. Writing instead about the aspect of the holiday that interested her, she became fascinated by all the new foods she was seeing and eating. Years went by and what were once just diaries became her Food Diaries, a travelling chef’s notes of ingredients, dishes and all things cooking-related that made her eyes shine with excitement. Around the World in 120 Recipes is a cookbook like no other. Full of recipes for Allegra’s favourite meals eaten over nearly a quarter of a century of travelling, tasting and scribbling, this is a first-hand experience of the dishes she has enjoyed all over the world – from West Coast Ricotta Cake in San Francisco to Seafood Stew in Salvador, Slow-cooked Lamb in Marrakech to Artichokes with Polenta in Milan.

Here are some pages from the book that will make you want to get it right away. It comes with a handwritten message in the first pages and contains facts about every region’s food and cooking. I also found the introduction brilliant!

recipes | breadonbutter recipes | breadonbutter recipes | breadonbutter

Any thoughts? Do share your favorite foodie books in the comments!

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