Despite the fact that it’s burning hot, August has to be a month I love given that it’s the month I was born in (YEAY!). Those of you who were also born in August and the other ones who know of a person who was born in August, must be aware of how much we love our birthdays. I thought my love for that day would fade away with time, but I find myself with the same excitement as when I was a kid.  It’s just one of the things in life that make me happy.

This month is full of plans, including lazy days at the beach and barbecues with friends in the mountains. Although I won’t be able to take time off from work, I plan on making the most of the hottest month of summer before everything calms down again and our lives get back to a somewhat normal routine. So here goes.

Breadonbutter’s August Bucket List

  1. Get back into DIY projects. Since we lost my grandma last Christmas, I’ve been trying to keep her values through the things she used to do herself. It certainly were little things but with a huge impact on everyone.
  2. Appreciate the things we have in this country instead of focusing on what we don’t have (which is plenty, grant it).
  3. Get active again on Pinterest. I just love this platform but I’ve been setting it aside lately.
  4. Keep on working hard. My main resolution for 2015 was to work hard and I’m keeping it.
  5. Start working out again. Swimming might be my only option, and on weekends only.
  6. Cook cakes again. I miss baking so much it hurts.
  7. Eat healthy 85% of the time as I have come to really like it.
  8. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. It shouldn’t be that hard with the current temperature outside.
  9. Re-focus on my blog. My bad for working too much on other things.
  10. Write somewhere outside the blog.
  11. Create rituals. I’ve been enjoying many simple things lately, like an evening bbq with friends by the beach, so I’m planning on keeping those wonderful gatherings alive.
  12. Plan a kick-ass birthday (Obviously!) 😀
  13. Laugh out loud more often.
  14. Collaborate with more people.
  15. Stay nice. With everything happening around us, we tend to be aggressive and on the defensive. But I won’t let the heat and garbage get to me!

Any plans this August?

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