5 Pizza Toppings With A Twist For A Fun Night With Friends

As you grow older, get married and start having responsibilities, your lifestyle slowly changes. For example, when you have kids like some of our friends do, you go out less and have to make do with staying at home more often. You then start honing some of your skills, like cooking and DIY projects, and ... Page Not Found

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Designer Cooks: Hot Chocolate Three Ways

Our beloved Designer Maria is back with her super easy and delicious recipes. Today, not only do we get one hot chocolate recipe, but three different kinds! I've been checking the weather and it looks like some rain is coming our way, so these recipes come just in time. Here goes: Hot Chocolate Recipe number 1: ...

Christina’s Tips For the Juiciest Christmas Turkey

I've been watching people cook for as long as I can remember. Writing down kitchen tips and hints is known to be my thing and I still carry my old-fashioned notebook in every kitchen I visit (itโ€™s actually almost full now and I panic at the idea of buying a new one and starting afresh). One ...

Caramelized Nuts: Christmas Treats With A Twist

These caramelized nuts are proof that us cooks just love coming up with our own stuff. Getting ready-made dishes is just not enough anymore and with time, we become addicted to trying things out by ourselves. Jean, our beloved guest Chef here on Breadonbutter, fits this description exactly. He slowly became the type of cook ...