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7 Superfoods To Help You Live Longer

Nowadays, people are increasingly going back to basics. They look for organic food, for handmade products or for herbal remedies. I, for one, strongly believe in looking for vitamins in the things nature has to offer us. I found this infographic showing the benefits of 7 superfoods that could help us live a healthier, longer life: Kale, Acai Berries, Coconut oil, Chia seeds, Lentils and Beans, Blueberries, and Maca; each having different benefits and objectives. Take a look!

7 superfoods that help you live longer

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Endless Crush for Illy Coffee

When it comes to coffee and coffee machines, it’s illy coffee I always had a crush on.

When I was in Rome last August, my crush for illy could only grow. Everywhere we went, the brand was kind of omnipresent. We found the illy shop on Piazza di Spagna, and went there to have a look. It was so awesome we stayed there for hours – they have a coffee shop upstairs with a library.

I already spoke about the illy machines in a previous Design of the Week post (click here to read it). Apart from the coffee and style illy offers, what I admire about the brand is that they chose Art to convey their image and target the people they want to target. On their website, they offer lots of information about coffee and culture. You can also check out their Art collection and Art initiatives.

Illy is a combination of the best of things: Art and supporting it, culture and developing products around it and science to develop the product.

They even give courses to baristas in a place called Università Del Caffé (check out the video here).

Here’s a glimpse of the illy caffé we went to in Rome 🙂

















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Fruits & Vegetables in Season: Fall

Often, we write down the ingredients to a recipe we’re dying to cook, head to the supermarket and find out the vegetables or fruits we need are not actually in season. To make your life easier, I’ve done a bit of research and compiled a list of fruits and vegetables that are in season for fall. That way you know what to expect at the grocer’s! Along with some of them, I’ve linked back to some recipes I’ve made using said fruits and vegetables to inspire your meals this week. Enjoy!:)

Before I let you in on the best fruits and vegetables in-season during fall, here’s a list of some fruits and vegetables available all-year round:

Vegetables: Asparagus, Beets, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Greens (Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Watercress, Cabbage, etc.), Green Onions and Leeks, Mushrooms, Onions, Potatoes, and Radishes.

Fruits: Apples and Bananas

And now for your fall list:

Fall vegetables


Fall fruits

For recipe ideas:

– With Corn on the cob: Corn Side Salad

– With Eggplant: a nice Lebanese dish

– With Mushrooms: Baked Cheesy Mushrooms

– Using Chiles: BBQ-ed prawns with chili sauce

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All About Chocolate

Today it’s weird, today I smell chocolate. Everywhere I go, either someone’s buying a chocolate bar while I fervently stick to my bottle of water, or someone is making a hot chocolate with a lovely proliferating smell. What is it with chocolate that makes us giddy? And how did this magical little bar come to be?

Take a look at this week’s infographic and learn more about the making of our little beloved snacks. But before you scroll down, here are 4 exquisite chocolate and food pairings that should be tried asap.

– With cheese: Goats cheese + Hazelnuts + Berries + Dark Chocolate

– As a dessert: Peanuts + Chilies + Milk Chocolate

– As a savory dish: Baguette + Parmesan + Dark Chocolate

– With wine: Red Cabernet Sauvignon + Lindt Fleur de Sel

What’s your favorite chocolate bar?


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The Herb Guide To Recipes

As a cook, the essential thing to have in your kitchen is a cupboard full of herbs and spices to go with any kind of meal. I found this infographic that shows the best way to use all kinds of herbs: as complements, with recipe ideas and which flavors they go with. Enjoy! My personal favorites are rosemary and coriander. What are yours?

Infographic using herbs when u cook Breadonbutter

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16 Reasons Why Travel Is Good For You

This week’s infographic is all about traveling and its benefits. It says that it is not only good for you to discover new things and cultures, but it can also make you live longer by serving your body, mind and spirit as well as relationships.  I completely agree! It goes without saying that travel makes you a more positive and open person, less prone to suffer from depression, more intelligent in the way you live and perceive things. It also allows you to build close ties with friends or family you’re traveling with, as well as possibly discover that your boyfriend/girlfriend is really the one you want to travel with for the rest of your life. Travel has so many positive sides and so many advantages, it’s just the best thing you can ever do!


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Eat The World’s Most Expensive Food in One Day

This week’s infographic, once again sent by, shows you how it is actually possible to spend almost 100,000 Dollars on only a day’s worth of meals! I’d personally love to see what those golden sushi are about 🙂 Of course, this is all unreasonable and many of these dishes were created for fundraising programs like auctions and such. But just for curiosity, check this out! The most expensive food in the world! Which one would you like to taste (hypothetically)?


Fun Things From Around, Travel 2 comments on Where in the World Will You Have Beer This Summer?

Where in the World Will You Have Beer This Summer?

A lot of you must be planning their summer vacation right now and looking for cool pubs and places to visit when you’ve finally arrived to destination. This is for all you beer lovers. It’s a visual traveller’s guide to beer I got today from  showing where you can find the cheapest beer in the world, where to go to meet the world’s biggest beer enthusiasts, the country with the three best-selling beer brands and which country serves the most ridiculously expensive beer! I loved the part where they tell you where to find a drinking buddy 🙂 Enjoy! 

Travel and Beer_Infographic_full design

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The Language Of Food

Lately, I’ve been very much into infographics. It’s hard to explain why, maybe I’m liking the simple, visual explanation to everything. It might be my brain telling me I need a holiday (which I will be taking in August – destination to be revealed soon! 😉 ). So here’s an interesting article I found full of infographics which combine my two loves: food and culture. It talks about a Spanish company that published a series of images, focusing on cities and the type of food they typically eat (such as hamburgers, sushi, pizza, sandwiches and pintxos), along with the varieties of this specific dish/sandwich/snack. This goes beyond language barriers.Have a look! It’s in Spanish but you can understand the general idea 🙂

1) Donostia (Spanish city): the pintxo (or pincho) is usually eaten in bars as a small snack while hanging out with friends or family, which gives it a strong socializing component. It’s very much related to tapas but comes on a piece of bread with an added toothpick (hence the word pincho/pintxo)



food of cities donosti

2) London: If you’ve lived in London or been there long enough to go through quick-bite or lunch-on-the-park-lawn days, you know those triangle sandwiches. You typically have them with a bag of Lay’s crisps and a drink of your choice


food of cities london

3) Napoli: One word: pizza. 🙂

food of cities napoli

4) New York: Anyone craving a burger?

food of cities new york

5) Tokyo: I’ve heard the Japanese eat sushi very differently than the rest of the world. This shows us their way is just a simpler way.

food of cities tokyo

I’m wondering which typical food Lebanon’s infographic would illustrate: Man’oushe? Shawarma? Knefe? What do you think?

Have a great weekend! 🙂