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Supermarket at your door – Spinneys Delivery

I’ve always been a fan of the supermarket. Ever since I was a child, a trip to buy groceries and roaming around a huge supermarket has always been fun and kind of comforting. I especially love it when I’m in no hurry and have no list to stick to. We just walk around, inspecting aisle after aisle till we find something we need, discover a new product or even welcome products that we’d only seen abroad. Continue Reading “Supermarket at your door – Spinneys Delivery”

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5 Books For Your Kitchen Shelf

Even though the modern cook prints recipes from the internet or even flips through them on his or her iPad, I still love a colorful cookbook to get inspired from. Book lovers surely understand what it is to physically touch what you’re reading and having it tucked in safe onto your bookshelf. I know I write recipes and I’m counting on you guys to refer to them for this blog to survive 😉 but physical stuff still matter.

So here are 5 books for your kitchen shelf to keep you inspired and motivated to be a better a cook.

Continue Reading “5 Books For Your Kitchen Shelf”

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Kitchen Collections: Statement Mugs

So I have this thing with mugs. Whenever I happen to be someplace that sells kitchenware, I run to the mug section. There, I can spend hours scrutinizing each one, looking specifically for big fat cozy ones with soothing colors. You might think I’m crazy right now but I’m sure lots of you can relate.

As you might have seen on Instagram (@breadonbutter_), we’re in the process of renovating a recently-bought apartment. We’re changing everything, from tuyauterie to walls, to windows and halls. But all I think about is my mug collection. Here are my favorites. They are very “Design”, trendy and not cheesy at all. Here goes!

The Pantone Series – I still am looking for those in Lebanon so if anyone has any idea on where to get them, please leave a comment below!

mugs | breadonbutter
Photo by: thelondonkitchen.com

Anthropologie Letter Mugs

mugs | breadonbutter
Photo by: weddingbee.com

Zara Home Sun Tea Mug

mugs | breadonbutter
Photo taken from Pinterest

Churchill Mugs – can be found at MG supplies

mugs | breadonbutter

Ferm Living Black and White Mugs

mugs | breadonbutter
Photo taken from: finnishdesignshop.com

Any cool mug recommendation? 😉

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Mymouné Wins Two More Taste Awards!

I’m sure you foodies have heard about Mymouné, an all-natural specialties producer, including jams, preserves, syrups, seasonings, flower waters and other refined products. Well, I was so happy to learn their news yesterday!

Beirut, 6th August 2015

Mymoune celebrates the winning of two Great Taste Awards

Mymoune has been presented with a much-desired UK Great Taste Award for two of its products: Pomegranate Molasses (Gold – 2 Stars) and Apricot Preserve (Gold – 1 Star).

In total, Mymoune has been the proud winner of 14 Great Taste Awards since 2005. Youmna Goraieb, co-founder of Mymoune, said: ‘We are thrilled to win these awards. All of Mymoune’s hard-working team members are proud to see our products make their way from the picturesque little village of Ain-El-Kabou in Mount-Lebanon, to the podium of the most prestigious international contest and to the shelves of the best fine food stores in Lebanon, Europe and the US’.

This prestigious competition has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the specialty food industry, and the ‘epicurian equivalent of the Booker prize’.

In 2015, around 10,000 products entered the competition and were scrutinised by a panel of more than 400 independent judges over a period of 3 months, including ‘blind tastings’. The awards have been given out for excellence in taste, texture and flavour.

Here are the benefits of their Pomegranate molasses which I love to add in salad dressings or even to add a sweet taste to baked ingredients.

mymoune | breadonbutter

Pictures taken from Mymoune’s Facebook page

Cheers to more awards Mymouné! 🙂

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Design Item Of The Week: ‘My Kilos’ Bread box/Chopping board

As we are starting the new house plans and pinning pictures that reflect the style we wish to achieve, my Design antennas are sharper than ever. I can’t wait to unpack the stuff we’ve brought from all of our trips and to try new DIY projects again. Of course, the kitchen is of great importance in Breadonbutter’s house 😉 and we are fixed on the idea of marrying practicality and aesthetics. So when I stumble upon a beautiful and handy kitchen tool, it makes me want to buy it right away. This week’s design item is this minimalistic bread box that is also a chopping board. This box not only allows you to store bread but also all kinds of vegetables and fruits, and the lid transforms into a chopping board which is great for storage. Plus, aren’t the colors lovely?

my kilos | breadonbutter

The My Kilos brand is of German origin. You can check it here.

All of their furniture and accessories are made in Europe: most in Germany, and from naturally aging materials such as untreated wood, raw copper and stone. They speak a very clear and clean visual language, their focus is on functionality and sustainability — and they work just as good in private apartments as in offices.

The great news is that you can order it online because they ship worldwide!

my kilos | breadonbutter

Any takers? 😉

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Product of The Week: Natural Maple Syrup (With Healthy Pancake Recipe)

Growing up, most of us had the only notion of maple syrup as being the ‘Aunt Jemima‘ one that we used to pour endlessly between each fat pancake on happy Saturday mornings. I’m okay with Aunt Jemima-ing pancakes from time to time (even though I do it very rarely), but now that we’re all grown up and are very careful about what we eat and the ingredients we use, we mostly prefer pure and natural sweeteners. Here lies the big difference between the fun maple syrup we used to have and the healthier option that is more natural than artificial sugar.

Natural maple syrup is extracted from trees and it is largely produced in Canada (Quebec, to be more specific). Apart from being had with pancakes, waffles, porridge, and pain perdu (click here for our legendary pain perdu recipe), natural maple syrup can be used as a natural sweetener in cakes or other baked goods. It is full of manganese and zinc, two very important antioxidants and optimal immune system functioning.

Grant it, it costs more than the artificial maple syrups at the supermarket, but isn’t our health worth it? We’re increasingly being exposed to new technologies and chemicals. It is therefore becoming an absolute must we pay attention to everything that enters our body.

Natural Maple Syrup | Breadonbutter

You can find pure maple syrup at New Earth Store in Ashrafieh and in the organic sections of most large supermarkets in Lebanon. I loved the Buckwud brand.

Pure from tree to table

Here’s a healthy flour-less and lactose-free breakfast recipe on which you can freely pour pure maple syrup. It was given to us by a good friend who’s lactose and gluten intolerant but finds a way to continue eating the food she likes by solely replacing ingredients.

Natural Maple Syrup Healthy Pancakes


  • 1.5 cup oat flour
  • 1.5 cup rice flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 bananas, mashed
  • 1.5 cup almond milk
  • 2 tsp natural maple syrup

In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients and whisk until combined. Grease a pan, cook your pancakes, then have them with pure maple syrup and bananas on top. Delicious and guilt-free!

Natural Maple Syrup | Breadonbutter

 What do you think?

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Design Item of The Week: Bodum French Press

Since it’s Beirut Design Week and the city streets are packed with design-lovers heading to all of the events organized for the occasion, I thought I’d share with you my recent crush. I saw that copper french press at Lafayette Home back in Paris and fell in love instantly. I bought it of course but it’s safely tucked away until we move into the new house.

The Bodum brand has been present for over 40 years. Their motto is simple and encouraging:

Good design doesn’t have to be expensive

– Peter Bodum. www.bodum.com

Of Scandinavian origin, Bodum shows true functionality and aesthetics. They are specialized in coffee and tea products (from coffee makers to mugs and glasses and even travel mugs). Their production line doesn’t stop there as bodum satisfies your kitchenware needs by offering a selection of bowls, cookware, cutlery and electrics, and BBQ lovers, you get a choice of BBQ products and tools. You can check their selection here. In Lebanon, I know of BHV Déco (in City Mall and Khoury Home) and Carousel Ashrafieh, who sell Bodum products.

Going back to the beautiful copper french press, “the frame and lid, made of steel, undergo several chrome plating processes to obtain a durable shiny surface that will last for many years of intense use. The black CHAMBORD Polypropylene handle comes in a matte finish that not only gives a comfortable grip while serving but adds to the classic quality of the design.”

bodum | breadonbutter

If you’re a coffee-lover and know your way around coffee beans, you are surely aware of The French press system. It is known for always being the simplest way of brewing an exceptional cup of coffee. To get the best out of it, use fresh coarse ground beans with boiling hot water to obtain the best cup of joe. It’s also ideal for when you have a few guests who appreciate good coffee 🙂

Did you know of the Bodum brand?

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Product of the Week: Carob Honey Straight from the LIVCD Program

A few weeks ago, USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) invited a few bloggers at their stand at the Horeca Exhibition 2015 to explain a bit more about the LIVCD Program (Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development).

The goals of the program are to “enhance economic opportunities for small businesses, women, and youth”, “improve Lebanon’s economic stability, focusing on rural priority areas”, and “upgrade Lebanese value chains to increase their competitiveness in domestic and export markets”.

To achieve the above goals, an analysis was made and 8 targeted value chains were chosen: processed foods, rural tourism, floriculture, grapes, olive oil, apples, pears, avocados, cherries, and a basket of rural agricultural products including thyme, pine nuts, honey, and free range eggs.

At Horeca, we were lucky to have a guided visit of all the exhibitors of the above products and we got to meet them all and taste their products.

I especially liked this Carob Honey for many reasons.

carob honey

Carob is full of health benefits, including being an antioxidant, an antiseptic, improving digestion and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, regulating blood pressure and helping prevent lung cancer, treating flu and anemia, and fighting against osteoporosis. Apart from all those benefits, it acts as a substitute for cocoa powder or chocolate in cakes and helps thicken baked goods. Add honey to it and you have the most natural sweetener you can ask for. I loved adding it to my balsamic salad dressing.

Just add a tablespoon of Carob Honey to 1.5 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and add it to a simple lettuce, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese salad. You’ll have a delicious meal ready in minutes!

carob honey

You can find out more about the USAID initiative on their facebook page .

Any thoughts on this wonderful initiative?

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Design Item of The Week, Home & Kitchen

Design Item Of The Week: Nespresso By Kitchenaid

There’s no greater pleasure than waking up in the morning and turning your coffee machine on. You then start getting ready with the sound of the machine brewing your favorite cup and all seems great about the day you’re about to start. At home, we are proud owners of several kinds of coffee machines, one of them being (of course) a Nespresso one. But because the one we have is now 4 years old, it’s time for a change. So we swung by the Nespresso store to look at their new machines. Apart from the small basic ones like the Inissia, there’s the one designed by Kitchenaid – a tempting beauty! Two of the top quality brands join hands to create one of the best coffee machines there is. It also comes with a milk frother to make your coffees more varied. Click here to discover the range of coffees you can enjoy with your Nespresso Kitchenaid and here to be tempted to go buy it 😉

nespresso kitchenaid | breadonbutter

For more information, you can go on their website.

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Product of The Week: Sweet Soy Glaze For An Unctuous Asian Meal

Every time I cook a basic Asian dish, my whole focus is on how to thicken the sauce and make it resemble the texture of what we eat in Asian restaurants without adding a ton of oil. After finding what gives a dish the perfect spicy flavor (refer to Sriracha 😉 ), we recently discovered what makes it unctuous: 1 and only 1 tablespoon of this Sweet Soy Glaze from Kikkoman.

This sauce’s flavor is a great addition to vegetables, chicken or meat-based Asian dishes, spring rolls and other finger foods, and also salad dressings! What it does is basically infuse rich flavors into the meat juices and into the vegetables’ water, giving your dishes an appetizing look and a satisfying taste.

If you’re an Asian food lover, you can imagine its taste as a combination of Soy Sauce and sweet rice wine. For recipes, try this basic vegetable dish, adding a tablespoon of sweet soy glaze to the whole sauce, and do the same with this quick and easy bok choy hot salad and this sweet sesame chicken.

Ingredients in the Sweet Soy Glaze 



Have you tried it? 

Design Item of The Week, Home & Kitchen 0 comments on Design Item of The Week: Multitasking FERM LIVING Wire Baskets

Design Item of The Week: Multitasking FERM LIVING Wire Baskets

I recently learnt about FERM LIVING, the Danish Design brand for the Home. Its simplicity and contemporary designs quickly got my attention.

ferm LIVING draws on Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm – but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. ferm LIVING is rooted in Denmark, where Trine Andersen founded a graphic design studio in 2005. The decision to start her own business sprang from a personal vision of a bird on a branch, ready to take off. That bird remains a part of the ferm LIVING logo today.
Last week in Paris, we visited Fleux’, a concept store in the Marais neighborhood. I was in paradise. This place is everything a Design-lover could ever ask for, including FERM LIVING products. My current Ferm obsession are these wire baskets to fill with anything lying around your home. Not only are they useful keeping any room tidy and providing storage space for blankets, cushions, magazines, laundry, books, toys or even firewood if you are a chimney owner, but they also transform into tables if you get the Ferm smoked oak tops. The baskets are fabricated with iron wire with powder coating.
ferm wire basket
“The name ”ferm” was actually inspired by my grandmother. When she said that someone was “ferm på fingrene” – i.e. skilled with their hands, literally “good with their fingers” – it was high praise indeed. I like to think that she would approve of the ferm LIVING range; it is modern, but also has a reassuring homelike quality – and we try to make sure that every piece is made well.”
Trine Andersen
“My designs have always been based in my own life. The very first wallpaper came into being because I couldn’t find the sort of crisp, graphic design I wanted. So, I simply decided that if I wanted a specific graphic style someone else might want it too – and went ahead and did it. Later, we became parents, and faced a similar situation when it came to design elements for children’s rooms. Later still, we found ourselves needing new things, as we moved into a bigger, loft-like home. Everyday life is my inspiration.”
ferm living | breadonbutter
“I have never created anything on the basis of strategy or cool calculation; it has to come from the heart for me. I am very happy and grateful – and still somewhat surprised! – to see that these designs have appealed to so many people worldwide. And I still stick to the same design philosophy that began it all – doing what feels right. Then it has a much better chance of feeling right for someone else too.”

You can order them online here. My favorite color is the Rose one. Details of the item below:

Item no: 3068
Colour: Rose

Size: Ø: 60 x H: 45 cm
Material: Iron wire with powder coating

All photos were taken from Ferm Living’s website. You can check it here.

Have you hear of Ferm Living? Do you own a piece of their designs?

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