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Supermarket at your door – Spinneys Delivery

I’ve always been a fan of the supermarket. Ever since I was a child, a trip to buy groceries and roaming around a huge supermarket has always been fun and kind of comforting. I especially love it when I’m in no hurry and have no list to stick to. We just walk around, inspecting aisle after aisle till we find something we need, discover a new product or even welcome products that we’d only seen abroad. Continue Reading “Supermarket at your door – Spinneys Delivery”

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Kitchen Tour – Lina’s Sweet Kitchen – Part II

Yesterday, we started off with a tour of cool and inspiring things in Lina’s kitchen (click here for more details). Today, it’s time to reveal the healthy, easy and tasty recipes Lina taught me while I was there.

We’ll start off with this quick grilled fish recipe.


What you’ll need (for 3 persons)




– 3 fish – Lina chose the Turkish “Ajaj” fish (make sure to choose them generously plump). The advantage of this fish is that it’s tasty and also has a good price – 1kg costs only 7 dollars.

– 2 tablespoons of flour

– Oil – Lina uses Grape Seed oil which is really healthy

– 3 lemons – sliced

How to make it:

1) Roll each fish in a bit of flour


2) Add the lemon slices on top and inside the fish if you wish


3) Sprinkle with grape seed oil and bake in the oven for approximately 30 minutes or until golden


And enjoy with a green salad or mouhammara (see ingredients picture), recipe soon.

The second recipe is of Armenian origin. It’s similar to the white beans we once cooked (click here) but with added tomato juice.

What you’ll need (for 3 persons)

– 0.5 kg White beans (or aysha khanum beans if you live in an arab country)

– 1 tablespoon of Grape seed oil

– 2 white onions, sliced

– White pepper and salt

– 3 juicy tomatoes, diced

– 250 ml of tomato juice

– Water

– Egyptian rice with vermicelli

How to make it:

1) Shell the beans and wash with water

2) In a casserole, heat the grape seed oil, add the beans and mix for 10 minutes

3) Add the onions and heat for 10 minutes

4) Add white pepper and salt, to taste

5) Add the diced tomatoes and mix

6) Add the tomato juice with a bit of water, mix, bring to the boil then let it simmer for approximately 10 minutes and there you go!


Both recipes are so quick, easy and affordable that they’re great for weekday meals!

I hope you enjoyed this first kitchen tour on Breadonbutter. I’ll be coming back with more tours soon!

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Kitchen Tour – Lina’s Sweet Kitchen – Part I

Afterwards, they always had tea in the kitchen, much the nicest room in the house ― Flora Thompson


When cooks come together, the kitchen becomes only action and camaraderie. After all, good food and a warm kitchen is the essence of making a house, a home. So when Lina – a friend of my mom’s I’ve grown up to love – agreed to welcome me in her kitchen and sniff around, I was delighted! With a great, positive and fun personality, Lina is also a great cook. She has the gift of a mixed cultural background and thus the gift of a wide recipe index. I spent an entire morning in this sweet kitchen, photographing her tools, her spices and objects. She then taught me 2 recipes I will be sharing in the second part of this Kitchen Tour tomorrow. For now, here are my favorite things in Lina’s kitchen.

It all started with a delicious cup of coffee and fresh mini croissants.


overview- lina's kitchen breadonbutter

In Lina’s kitchen you can find all kinds of spices, a snack bar, a breadmaker and all the flour in the world, and beautiful Picasso mirror coffee cups.









The detail to absolutely memorize is the beautiful kitchen top made from slate (Ardoise in french)


The object to dream about is this pastel yellow Kitchen Aid mixer




And here’s a preview of Lina’s Kitchen Tour Part II, tomorrow on Breadonbutter 🙂



Hoping to inspire you, always.

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What’s Really in Your Pantry?

I just love opening that cupboard in the kitchen with all the meal and snack ideas. This cupboard is where I like to keep limited canned goods for when you’re in a meal hurry- I say limited because there are only a few canned things I like – drinks, healthy (and a few fatty) snacks, and some sauces.

Choosing carefully what to have in that cupboard can help you save a lot and constantly keep what you need at an easy reach.

So here are a few of the things I never let myself run out of:

Canned goods:

Canned goods

– Tuna in water

– Some salad toppings like Palmito and Artichoke Hearts and Asparagus

– Cooked Beans

–  Bamboo shoots for an Asian vegetable recipe

– Coconut milk in case you wish to add it to your Asian dish

Rice and Pasta:

Pasta and rice

– Plain white Basmati rice

– Brown Rice – a very healthy option

– Sushi sticky Rice

– Spaghetti

– Risotto Rice



– All kinds of tea

– Hot Chocolate

– Coffee

– Nespresso capsules


Asian Corner:

Processed with Rookie

– Sesame Oil

– Soy Sauce

– Rice Vinegar – I strongly recommend this. It counts as 0 calories and brings a lot of flavor to your salads. You also need it to make sushi rice.

– Fish Sauce and Oyster Sauce. Adding one tablespoon of these sauces to your dish will make it a lot tastier.

– Rice Paper for fresh vegetable rolls (recipe soon)

– Sesame seeds

– Porcini Mushrooms (that you can also use in a nice risotto recipe)

– Tongorashi powder (to spice up your dishes or sushi)

Other sauces:


– Tomato Sauce

– Stock

– Tabasco

– Worcestershire Sauce

Life Pleasures:


– A jar of Nutella for “I don’t care about anything anymore” moments

– Dark Chocolate

– Pop Corn

– Salt & Vinegar Rice Crackers

– Chocolate Pasta I bought back in London at ‘Hotel Chocolat’ (I promise to share the recipe soon)

What’s in your pantry? Anything else you’d recommend? 🙂



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What To Do with Wooden Pallets – Part 2: The Shoe-Mirror

After the great and practical coffee table, here comes the shoe-mirror! If you still have some extra pallets, here’s a great idea of what to do with them.

All you need is 2 of them, the same nails and screw-connectors we used for the table (click here for more details), silicon glue and an actual mirror that you can have done at the same place where you had the glass table top done.

How to make it is a simple three-step procedure:

1) Nail both pallets together from both sides

2) Apply silicon glue on the pallets exactly where the mirror will be placed (you also want to measure the sides properly)

3) Place the mirror on the pallets while they’re still on the floor

Wait 24 hours for the glue and mirror to settle well before lifting the whole thing up and placing it against the wall.

After that, decorate it with light garlands of your choice (you can even use Christmas garlands), and place your shoes on the sides! The pictures below explain it all 🙂

For info on how to get wooden pallets as well as glass table tops and mirrors, you can send me an email on lynnbedran@gmail.com and I’ll provide you with more details!

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What To Do With Wooden Pallets – Part 1: The Multipurpose Coffee Table

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve been daydreaming of the things I would have in my own home. When I was only 13, I would buy tons of interior design magazines and fold the pages where I saw stuff I liked. I still do that but, with the arrival of Pinterest in my life, I do it less and less. What I remember wanting, is to have a house with personality. Not those houses you copy from catalogues or furniture stores’ windows, but a house with pieces that make it yours.
When we moved into our apartment 2 months ago, we were looking for coffee tables ideas. And after multiple research and brainstorming, we had the idea to do it ourselves. With a few wooden pallets, some screws and smoothing paint for wooden surfaces, the job was done. Not only did we now have a coffee table, but extra storage space as well! Groovy, right?

So here’s how we made it. We went into a handy store and got the following:

– Transparent smoothing paint for wooden surfaces
– A box of nails
– An electric screw-driver (you don’t actually have to buy one, you can borrow it from someone you know who has it)
– Metal screw connectors
– Small wheels


We also called a guy we know who makes mirrors and glass table tops and ordered a glass top for the table with the exact same measurements as the pallet’s.
We painted the pallets and let them dry over night, then placed them on top of each other, nailed them together from the sides with the metal connectors and of course, the nails, then pinned down the wheels on each bottom corner and placed the glass on top. Here are some pictures to help you visualize it all. It’s pretty easy and so much fun!
Also, it turns out my friend Mediha (who lives in Istanbul) had the same idea but with only one wooden pallet and the result was so stylish 🙂 (pictures below)

More pictures of the multi-purpose table 🙂

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*All Christmas Trees are Perfect*

Finally, it’s that time of year again! For many, including me, it’s the happiest of times. Christmas and all its magical atmosphere. Houses are warm and cosy; sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles all come home, families are reunited; stories are told; engagements and weddings happen; and emotions make their way to the surface. In other words, Life is sugar-coated.
The first thing that tells me Christmas is really here is when my mom takes out the long box from storage. It’s somewhat a feeling of relief, as if a really wise person you love was gone all year and is now back. The Christmas Tree comes out of its box and we all engage in our usual tactics to make him stand again, in all its splendor, in our living room. From the moment the tree is up and for the next month or so, that’s what you’re coming back home to. Your tree will make all noise, traffic, work stress and dust go away. To come home to it will make you feel good and toasty. You’re Home, another year of marvelous experiences has passed, and it’s Christmas.
Here are the steps to our tree, hoping it will inspire you.
When the Tree is the only light in the room 

Are you making your Christmas Tree this weekend?

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The Sweetest Balcony

So many people inspire me to cook and master those recipes that make you emotional, those that make you special to your future kids and their friends. One of the greatest things when you love cooking is  getting recipes from your loved ones, recommendations, small hints and tips that you can’t learn from books and that have been handed down from generation to generation.
My mom never stops inspiring me. When she cooks, you can feel her love of food. Not too complicated, with the JUST appropriate flavors. For the beginning of summer, she decided to grow her own cooking essentials instead of buying them from the supermarket. 
She bought little pots and distributed them across her balcony. She’s got tea, different kinds of rosemary leaves, strawberries, basilica, bay leaves and even lemongrass. 

I’ll definitely grow all of those myself in my future balcony overlooking the sea. It’s very easy to do. 
Just buy lots of pots of all sizes, and plant seeds or already grown lumps of your favorite seasoning ingredients. Water them every 2 days or when you feel the ground of the pot is getting dry.