The Breadonbutter 2015 LAST-MINUTE Gift List

This year, it’s all about last-minute. We’ve been moving since the beginning of the month so you can imagine the mess we’re living in. I am thankful for every bit of it, but I’ve been neglecting Christmas planning – which is wrong for someone who drinks in an ‘I Heart Christmas’ mug all year long. ... Page Not Found

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6 Top pinterest boards for Christmas inspiration

Pinterest is a lifesaver and my source of inspiration. I was very excited to attend a talk by Pinterest London’s community manager back at Food Blogger Connect 2015, in which she motivated us to pin like there’s no tomorrow. Since I spend a lot of time on that platform, I thought I’d share the top 6 ...

How To Decrease Food Waste This Christmas

The whole World is in deep crisis, overwhelmed with terrorism, chemicals and technology evolution. In Beirut's case, garbage is one of the biggest problems.  An increasing majority has taken up serious recycling and composting. Wherever I go, I hear about creative ideas not to ‘WASTE’ anymore. While some people are still focused on the problem and forgo ...


The literal meaning of ‘sobremesa’ is “over the table”. This untranslatable Spanish word designates the time spent in conversation right after a meal. It can be with friends, family or even business partners. In Mediterranean cultures, sobremesa is something that is practiced with absolute spontaneity. That time spent around the table chatting about life is one of my favorite things ...