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Make Your Own Halloween Drink: Pumpkin Squash and Bourbon

This Halloween weekend is packed with house parties, bar hopping and other fun things! In case you’re hosting a Halloween party and you’re looking for ideas for that bar you have in the corner of your living space, here’s a great idea for a drink. If you’re going to a party hosted by someone else, why not take this Jim Beam Honey Bourbon bottle with you and add it to that pumpkin squash?


The recipe is pretty easy. Here’s what you’ll need (for 1 person):


  • 1 cup of a pumpkin’s interior, cut into cubes
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • A dash of cinnamon powder
  • A dash of ginger powder
  • 1 to 2 shots (depending on your alcohol preferences and tolerance) of Jim Beam Honey Bourbon

How to make this drink is really a one-step thing. Just place all of the ingredients in a processor bowl or cup, crush until combined and enjoy!


Have a spooky weekend!




P.S.: What/Who are you dressing up as, by the by? 😀

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Design Item of the Week: A Whole Lotta Love

This week’s Design item is awesome and I’m really excited to share it with you! Meet A Whole Lotta Love, one of the most creative design and event company I have ever encountered.

a whole lotta love

Beyond Graphic Design, Branding and Event Planning, Léa Hechmé – A Whole Lotta Love’s founder – also creates products (paper goods to be more specific), such as letterpress invitations, customized stationery, wedding stationery, parties’ decoration, DIY props and decor, souvenirs, and a lot more than that.


I had a lot to choose from to be able to present you with only a sample of what she does. Here they are 🙂

Pastel Coasters: A series of 6 illustrations (great for foodies) /letterpress printing on Beermat paper





Comics Coasters: Also a series of 6 illustrations/letterpress printing on Beermat paper






#Makeithappen card: Letterpress printing and Gold foil


Wrapping paper: A set of 3 patterns/offset printing on recycled paper



For more insight into A Whole Lotta Love and their events, products and the rest, you can check their facebook page here and their website here. Also, follow A Whole Lotta Love on Instagram: @a_wholelottalove



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Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time I give you some fun spooky tips for it. In this post, I will teach you how to decorate your chocolate cupcakes creatively for Halloween. All you have to do is make your basic muffin/cupcake recipe and add funny things to it.

Here’s how to decorate your chocolate cupcakes this Halloween.

What you’ll need (for 6 cupcakes):


– Basic chocolate cupcakes ingredients (found here)

– 100 grams of unsalted butter

– 4 tablespoons of sugar

– 2 tablespoons of fresh cream

– Yellow food colorant

– Red food colorant

– White cotton candy

– 6 biscuit cones

– Any chocolate tablet of your choice, cut in small pieces


1) Make the cupcakes. Recipe here – without the jam and adding 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder if you want them chocolatey


2) Make the orange frosting: In a mixer bowl, mix the butter, the cream and the sugar at high speed until creamy. Add 2 teaspoons of yellow colorants and 0.5 teaspoons of red colorant, dosing as you go and mix it with a spoon until it’s orange




3) Repeat the following steps for each cupcake:

– Spoon the frosting on top of the cupcake, making sure you keep it mostly in the middle


– Add cotton candy on top of the frosting leaving one side empty



– Press down the biscuit cone on top of the cotton candy

– Add 2 small chocolate pieces to make eyes to the old man 😉


And there you have it! An easy and creative way to decorate your cupcakes this Halloween! It’s really fun if you have kids around as well; it’s guaranteed laughter in the kitchen!



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#b7ebzakrik: Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October is known to be Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today, at the Grand Sérail in Downtown Beirut, you could see pink everywhere. That was all in honor of the opening of the 13th Annual Campaign for National Breast Cancer Awareness, given by the Ministry of Public Health with the support of Mrs. Lama Tammam Salam, an educational counselor and activist for several NGOs in Lebanon, and in partnership with Roche, a global health care company. Among the speakers present at the opening were Mrs. Lama Salam and the Minister of Public Health Wael Faour.


The slogan of this year’s campaign is: “She reminds you everything, remind her to do her breast cancer exam”. بتذكرك كل شي، ذكرا بالصورة الشعاعية. Notice that this year, men were involved to reinforce the whole awareness around this frequent cancer. The ultimate goal is to make the breast cancer exam something every Lebanese woman does every year, starting 40, as a routine check-up.

Holding this cause quite close to my heart, and wanting to write about it here, here are some health tips I found that can help the prevention of breast cancer in women who are prone or not, to develop it.

– First and foremost, the most important thing to do is to develop a healthy lifestyle. Work out more (i.e. be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day), manage anxiety better (this is a long process, acknowledged) and eat healthier food.

– Second, when it comes to having a healthy food diet, it is recommended to eat more organic food, more vegetables and less proteins, as they increase the risk.

– Third, drink alcohol in moderation.

– Manage your weight, as obesity increases the risk for developing breast cancer.

– Avoid sugar, present in sugary drinks, candies, etc… and foods that contain a lot of salt.

– Have more of the following antioxidants: Broccoli, Salmon, Olive Oil, Parsley, Coffee (in moderation), Peaches, and Walnuts. Of course, there are many more to add to this list.

Those were just a few recommendations. I will be researching the subject a lot more over time. On a happier note, here is their campaign video and some pictures of today’s event, full of hope for a better and healthier country. Note the delicious cupcakes! 🙂






Don’t forget to follow Lebanese Breast Cancer on social media:

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Foodie Book: Beirut Cooks

Happiness is your main ingredient, always.

Yesterday evening was Beirut Cooks’ first book signing event. It took place at The Food Dealer, a very very cool new deli in Mar Mikhael. Apart from the wonderful interior we noticed when we entered the place – despite the crowd of people – we saw a long table where the author of the book, Pascale Habis, as well as some of the cooks featured in it, were seated and signing the books of eager food lovers.




book-signing-beirut-cooks cheese-food-dealer-beirut-cooks

Beirut Cooks is really something unique as it brings together the recipes of amateur cooks from various backgrounds. They are entrepreneurs, they are artists and business people. They are everyone and everything, and that’s what makes their recipes beautiful. Each recipe is the product of a different realm of life itself. The first thing that hits you when you open the book is the images. They are exceptionally vivid, colorful and clear, it makes you want to read it all right away. And when you do read it, you are far from being disappointed. Get ready to be enchanted by real people!



The book starts with a charming preface written by Nicolas Audi, a gastronomer himself (, and goes on to introduce the cooks. To name a few: Bernard Khoury (Architect), Joanna Debbas (Restaurant Owner), Monique Rizkallah Chebli (Artist and Yoga Intructor), Karim Chaya (Industrial Designer), Barbara Massaad (Food Writer and Photographer), Johnny Farah (Artisan Créateur and Restaurant Owner), Karen Chekerdjian Fattal (Product and Furniture Designer), Karine Zablit (Cake Designer), Michael Zammar (Consultant and Businessman), and Carine Bejjani (Event Planner). Recipes from around the world, with a personal twist, can be found in the book. Some of my favorites until now are: Carine’s Lemon Meringue Pie, Bernard’s Pancakes, Joanna’s Three-Melon Salad, and Karim’s Corn on the Cob with Lime Chilli Butter.


Go out and get it, you won’t regret a page of it! You can check their website and facebook page here and here!



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Make Your Own Drink: Grapefruit And Rum Fizz

Last Saturday evening, we were waiting for my sister to get back from London. We were preparing dinner for the whole family and thought it would be nice to throw in a nice and refreshing fizzy drink. After researching some recipes on the internet and gathering ideas, we came up with one ourselves. It turned out to be really refreshing, kind of like this white sangria we had mixed a few weeks ago. It’s also really easy to make and great for parties you host!


What you’ll need (for 6 persons):


– 2 cups of Rum
– 1 cup of Grapefruit
– Soda water
– Raspberries
– Mint
How to make it:
1) In a jar, mix the rum and grapefruit
2) Add the raspberries and mint
3) Pour in each cup with a dash of Soda water
Cheers! 😉
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Fun Mini Muffin Skewers

Yesterday, I decided to make a super easy yogurt cake recipe my mom gave me. Halfway through the mix, I thought it would be fun to turn the batter into muffins instead of one big cake. I retrieved my mini muffin molds I had never used and some silicon IKEA molds we had (click here to see what I’m talking about) and divided the whole thing among them. I was so proud of my mini muffins that i just had to send pictures to everyone. And that’s when Jean had the brilliant idea to mix them with fruits and make them into skewers. With a yogurt dip of course 🙂

Like these prawns on skewers we made a few weeks ago, it’ll be much easier to savor the mini muffins and the fruits in parties. It can also be pretty fun to make kids participate in the whole thing if you have them wandering around at home!

What you’ll need (for 18 mini muffins)


– 2 pots of Yogurt (flavor of your choice) – Note: you’ll be using the pots for measurement so don’t throw them away when they’re empty

– 3 pots of flour

– 1 pot of diet vegetable oil (Lesieur is the one I used)

– 2 pots of sugar

– 2 teaspoons of baking powder

– 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar

– 3 eggs

– Skewers

– Melon, Pineapple and Strawberries – or any fruit of your choice

How to make it is really simple:

1) Preheat the oven at 180 degrees celsius and mix all of the ingredients together


2) Pour them in the muffin molds

3) Place them in the oven for about 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean


4) Let them cool completely then decorate your skewers and serve with yogurt. You can pour honey or any jam you like on the yogurt for additional taste.




So, what do you think? 🙂

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Make Your Own Drink: Bubbly White Sangria

Usually, when hosting gatherings or cocktail parties, it’s fun to have a bar corner filled with pitchers of margaritas, fizzes and sangria. Having both red and white sangria would be perfect for different tastes and preferences. So as a sequel to this Red Sangria I posted at the beginning of summer, here’s a refreshing White Sangria you can make.

What you’ll need (for 8 glasses):


– 3 tablespoons of Sugar

– 3 shots of the apple liquor of your choice (we like Marie Brizard)

– 1 sliced lime

– 1 sliced lemon

– 2 peaches cut into wedges

– 2 green apples, also cut into wedges

– 1 box of raspberries

– A bottle of Prosecco (we chose the Martini brand here and it was great!)


How to make it:

1) Combine the sugar, apple liquor, lime, lemon, peaches and apples in a pitcher

2) Pour the whole bottle of Prosecco on top and let it chill in the fridge for as long as you can

white-sangria-5 white-sangria-2


And voila! The Prosecco is actually the best for a white sangria as it represents the white wine and soda water combination usual recipes add to it. Also, the more colorful the fruits, the more summery and fresh your sangria looks.


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DUNKIN’ DONUTS unveils special Ramadan treats

In everyday life, we all get very busy. We run around trying to accomplish an infinite amount of things, trying to be part of everything, following those guidelines we read in articles everyday (“10 habits of people who follow their dreams” or “5 things naturally fit people do differently”, etc…), and aspiring to be perfect. It sure is fun and exciting. But comes a moment when you just need to breathe. Sure, you can go on vacation, you can plan getaways, but what if you just want to catch your breath for like 10 minutes a day? Some of you do that by smoking a cigarette outside, some surf the internet, but some others find comfort in their favorite brands. Or more specifically, their favorite food or coffee brands. Those gigantic chains have made it a habit to touch their customers by personalizing everything. So when I got the news yesterday that Dunkin’ Donuts Middle East was serving up specially designed star and crescent-shaped donuts to mark the holy month of Ramadan, I thought this was really great! These special donuts are available across all Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in the UAE.



Your favorite brands just never stop reminding you what life is really about: people you love, marvelous places to explore and rich experiences! They’re our breathers, our wake up call to CARPE DIEM.

Beginning with a single restaurant in Quincy, Massachusetts, the Dunkin’ Donuts story has been one of epic success. Over the years the international quick serve giant, part of the Dunkin’ Brands Group headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, has captured the loyalty of a worldwide following and is today present in over 33 countries and operates nearly 11,000 restaurants worldwide. It has established itself as a favourite among the discerning clientele in the UAE with a decade of beginning operations in the Emirates. Today the company has 74 outlets all across the UAE, serving up a delectable blend of donuts, delicious hot and iced coffee, hot and iced lattes, cappuccinos, coolatta slush drinks, munchkins and other baked goods and beverages. 

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An Afternoon Birthday Gathering

Ever since I was born, birthdays are somewhat of a sacred thing we gather for in our family. From a 1 year-old’s to an 80 year-old’s birthday, the ritual is pretty much the same: gather at the person’s house at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, chat about life around some birthday food, sing happy birthday, chat some more then head home.

A few weeks ago, we gathered at my uncle’s house for my cousin’s birthday (I can’t believe he’s already 15!). So I thought I’d share some pictures of the food to inspire you for your own gatherings. The cake was lovingly decorated by his sweet little sister 🙂

The Birthday Cake


Banana Bundt Cake
Candy Treats!
Watermelon Bites
Popcorn, of course
Jello Cups!
Sandwiches and Salads

Anyone craving those sandwiches right now? 😉

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Cocktail-Style Birthday Party

If you ask me to tell you what is one of my favorite things in life, I’ll tell you birthdays. I really really love them. Not just mine, but also (and especially!) birthdays of loved ones. The feeling you get when you buy a gift you just know they’ll love, anticipating giving it to them, ordering or making them a cake with funky candles on top. All that is just so exciting! I even love planning the whole thing, especially if it’s a huge surprise party where you have to scheme so that they won’t know and then work with people to get them all in one place, in the dark, at the specific time the birthday boy or girl comes in.

HAPPY birthday

Moving on, I’m presenting you here with a few inspirational pictures and ideas in case you’re planning a birthday party soon.

First, it’s all about a bit of decoration. So candles for some cozy lighting effect – you can even make your own (here)




A bar corner with beautiful cocktails and punches



Finger food (it’s a cocktail-style birthday party)



Desserts, of course



And last but not least, the cake with funky candles on top. Another cake inspiration can be found here (my 27th birthday last year) and here (chocolate birthday cake)


Oh and don’t forget the music! 😉


I’ll be posting more birthday party inspirations and finger food recipes with time so stay tuned!