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June Bucket List

This month, I’m 2 days late with my bucket list. Without making excuses, May was really hectic yet interesting and I’m proud to say I can cross off most of last month’s things I wanted to achieve. I collaborated with two of my favorite bloggers: Maya from Playing with Fashion, and Hisham from Cook in 5m2. With Maya, we collaborated on a guide for the perfect picnic. Maya showed you what to wear and I wrote about a picnic checklist. We even talked about it on BBeirut on LBC Sat (you can watch it here). With Hisham, we had fun making hundreds of Croque Monsieur for a hungry crowd at the Beirut Street Food festival. I met great people like Cyrille Najjar. I didn’t make homemade bread but homemade grissinis, close enough! And I discovered Carob Honey, which is a local produce that has loads of health benefits. We also enjoyed a lot of sunsets (Click here for places to have sunset drinks in Beirut).

A new month is here with new goals and objectives. Here goes.

Breadonbutter’s June Bucket List

  1. I’m going to one of Cyrille Najjar’s organized workshops for Beirut Design Week. It’s a Photography workshop with the one and only Thierry Van Biesen! My plan is to make the most of it and improve my photography skills.
  2. Attend a concert – there are so many I still haven’t decided which one yet.
  3. Swim more.
  4. Take up tennis.
  5. Get to my next goal on Nike Run.
  6. Master the ultimate Croque monsieur.
  7. Film more videos.
  8. Be more innovative with my salads this summer.
  9. Meditate by the sea with the Calm app.
  10. Find the most perfect kitchen style for our new house.
  11. Watch as many sunsets as I can all summer (a continuous summer item on the bucket list).
  12. Walk more, drive less – even if it’s burning hot.
  13. Plant herbs to cook with.
  14. Cook more creative dinners.
  15. Discover new designers and ideas during Beirut Design Week.
  16. Find the best coffee shops to work in during summer in Beirut.

 #MakeItHappen. What’s on your bucket list this month?

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Beirut Design Week Opening With Cyrille Najjar From White Sur White

A few weeks ago, after watching CNNGo’s report on Beirut, I contacted Cyrille Najjar and asked if I could see him for a chat. He gladly accepted and it was fun to talk about food with such a talented Designer. Cyrille is the CEO of White Sur White, “a multi-disciplinary Architecture and innovation agency sitting at the intersection of architecture, technology, and materials”. Not only does White Sur White work on Architecture and interior design projects, but they also create products that go beyond beautiful aesthetics and target the needs of everyone from musicians, to travelers, to home owners.


We met in Cyrille’s office in Sodeco where the décor inspires designers to work creatively. The office is not too far from the workshop, which is in Ashrafieh as well and makes 600 square meters of space for infinite creativity. There, Cyril organizes workshops, sublets it for events by big magazines and companies and lets creativity unleash itself. Cyrille started by giving me a large idea of the projects and products he worked on and that came into life. He started by telling me about his passion for music (guitar to be more specific), how he worked on the design of music instruments and their customization for singers, dancers and musicians.

beirut design week | breadonbutter

He adapted music instruments to the body moves of dancers, fabricated microphones for opera singers with the help of Corinne Metni, and helped a violinist make the most of his talent by creating a violin around which he would feel at ease.

A solar suitcase was also created by Cyrille to no longer count on the generator at home.He also created products for Mothercare, for Hemiplegics, for Haute Couture, Lighting and Kitchens. I suggest you daydream on this link to know more.


Cyrille actually started his career by studying law at USJ. After thinking about it, he realized he liked it, but loved the world of Design and Architecture way more, so he made the switch. He continued with a Masters in Interior Architecture at ALBA Beirut and went on with Product Design in the Royal College of Art in London. And because he wanted to teach younger generations what he learnt, he finished with a teaching degree at Central St. Martins in London. After teaching at ALBA, he is now happily passing on his wisdom to LAU students.

How does Cyrille get inspired? It’s a combination of desire and needs. Whether it’s his needs or the needs of his clients, Cyrille beautifully fulfills them. He created his own solar energy system at home because he needed it, he confectioned Avo’s violin because Avo needed it to show the world the best he could do. Most of the time, clients come to him with a need.

Which takes us to what Cyrille has to say on Design in Lebanon. For him, it’s more of a luxury, which has its beauty. But it will eventually get more need-oriented as this is what should be done in a country that has countless needs to fulfill.

About cooking and travel

Cyrille loves cooking and is a BBQ fan at heart. He’s not yet found a need to fulfill in this area and has currently all the kitchen tools he needs in his “vastly furnished” kitchen. For him, kitchenware has really evolved over time. Quoting Cyrille, we’ve been eating for so long that we’re fine! As for the dishes he cooks, he keeps things simple with meat, chicken, fish, pasta, etc.

When it comes to travel, he does that all the time, but there’s one thing he has not yet fulfilled when it comes to this area: the Byron burger in Lebanon 😉 As far as Cyrille is concerned, his favorite burger in the world needs to be recreated in his country. The subject of travel immediately led us to talk about the good food in the big cities and countries of the world: Paris, London, New York, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Belgium for beer only.

His guilty pleasure is British food! As much as it surprises people, Cyrille views British food as going beyond beans and sausages. For him, it’s more about the homemade and the comfort food for a cold British weather and lifestyle.

Cyrille is also a big Philosophy fan. His book pleasures revolve around Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger. When he needs something light, it’s comics he turns to.

Here’s a video of 10 fast questions with Cyrille Najjar for you to get a glimpse of one of Beirut’s most terrific Designers. Enjoy 🙂

Selling points: SMO gallery, Platform39, National Museum, Urbanista.

Facebook page: here

Website: http://www.whitesurwhite.com/

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10 Top Italian Restaurants in Beirut

Every culture has its own way of interpreting one dish. They all add their twists and spices, making it particular to their tastes and habits. Restaurants too have to gratify the palate of the people they are serving. One thing I’ve noticed about Italian restaurants in Beirut is that they add crème fraîche to a lot of their pasta sauces. Almost all Italian people I’ve met are quickly revolted by the act of adding cream to pasta sauces. They also consider the use of a spoon to roll your spaghetti as a disgrace. But here in Beirut, it is considered to be the proper practice of eating Italian food. Where did these habits come from you ask? From restaurants, of course. Who started it?  I think it’s a chicken and egg type of story.

But it’s safe to say that the way the Lebanese have adapted Italian food has somewhat strayed away from the original cuisine. So because we can’t go to Rome everyday (check out 20 Things about Rome), we’ve been on a quest for ‘real’ Italian restaurants in Beirut.

My judgment of ‘what makes a restaurant Italian’ is personal but of credible experience. I’ve been to Italy a lot, read about their food, talked to people and been in their kitchens, cooked a carbonara and more with them, and visited their restaurants accompanied by locals.

In my mind, the ones that serve the famous spritz or bellini have the knowledge, the ones that serve dishes cooked with fresh ingredients have the quality, and the ones that present the place and the dish well have the honesty and authenticity.

There are many criteria that can lead you to judge a restaurant as being typically Italian and accordingly, I’ve ranked the top 10 I’ve tried in Beirut, keeping in mind that all of their menus contain dishes adapted to the taste of the Lebanese audience (hospitality rules oblige).

#1 Harry’s Bar

harry's bar | breadonbutter


Harry’s Bar is my recent favorite. It is THE place to fine-dine, enjoy great wine and beautiful dishes. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The sommelier recommends excellent wine and the service is the most professional I’ve seen in a while. When it comes to the food, you won’t regret one bite of it. Apart from being exceptionally tasty, every dish is carefully crafted and full of colors. The presentation clearly reflects their recent Michelin Star touch. Don’t hesitate to go there for a nice, romantic dinner or even for a business lunch, where you’ll find a set menu for the circumstance. Make sure to try their Fleur de Courgettes with ricotta cheese, beef carpaccio, beetroot risotto and panna cotta. An unforgettable Italian experience in the heart of Beirut.

Harry's Bar Beirut | BreadonbutterHarry's Bar Beirut | BreadonbutterHarry's Bar Beirut | BreadonbutterHarry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter

#2 Totò Cucina Italiana

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from Zomato

When walking into Totò, you’re struck by the simple yet uplifting décor. The way they managed to give an identity to the place while keeping the original charm of this old house is admirable. Waiters and staff are not only nice and helpful in your choice of dishes, but they also have a sense of humor. Their seafood risotto is one that I won’t forget. I also love their pizzas and their Totò Express concept upstairs for a more relaxed dinner experience or for takeaway and pizza night at home.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from paperblog.com

#3 Marinella

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

Every time I visit Rome, I go to my favorite place (Vicolo 88) for an absolutely delicious Spaghetti al Vongole. In my mission to find it in Beirut, it’s at Marinella that I discovered one very close to the taste I never forget. The interior is refreshing and the changing menu gives you the certainty that their ingredients are freshly picked. The presentation of their dishes is lovely and the waiters are friendly and professional.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

#4 La Traviata

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

La Traviata doesn’t serve pizza but they sure make it up by serving the freshest pasta dishes in town. If I’m looking for a place to have a calm, relaxing lunch or dinner with a good dish of traditional pasta, this is the place I think of. They also have generous service, offering bites and nibbles before your order comes through, and great knowledge about Italian wine. Oh, and no ketchup allowed! Their carbonara, tiramisu and most importantly their tortellini al cioccolato are a must-try.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

#5 Cucina – Downtown

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo by fromagesandfridays.com

The best thing about Cucina is its location. Located in the most modern and trendy part of Beirut, it’s a good place for hip lunches in the sun and dinners. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Their appetizers and risottos are a good choice followed by pain perdu for dessert, which is worth a try. I’m heading there for a friend’s birthday tonight to enjoy a nice setting for this special occasion rather than the relatively average food.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo by zomato reviewer

#6 Al Dente Restaurante – Hotel Albergo

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from whereleb.com

Al Dente’s risottos are a must-try as well as their desserts. This hidden place gives a feel of authentic old Italy mixed with a refined character. Their appetizers include the famous Melanzane gratinate alla Parmigiana and Mozzarella di Buffala which is one of my favorite mozzarellas. It’s an excellent place for a special occasion.

#7 Dottore L’antica Pizzeria

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter

Dottore is the type of place where you go for comfort food and good wine. Burrowed in one of Hamra’s inner streets, it’s the perfect place to spend a cozy night with a few friends. All you need is their wooden-oven baked pizzas, the spinach crepe and really good Italian wine that the staff will perfectly recommend, and you’re set for a great night.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter

#8 Mario e Mario

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

Nestled in one of the inside streets of Mar Mikhael, Mario e Mario offers a very special menu. Get ready to taste dishes you haven’t before, as this fine-dining Italian knows how to use fresh ingredients and transform them into a beautiful and innovative dish. The place is charming and romantic and the table is set with special little touches. I also love the use of fresh ingredients in all of their dishes. You’ll also be very happy with their famous olive oil and bread served before your main order.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

#9 La Posta

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

If you’re planning on booking a night out at La Posta, make sure you ask to be seated outside. The staff shows gusto for Italian food, and their pizza is not too thick or too thin. Their portions are generous but you can be sure you’ll get a refined presentation. Go for a seafood linguine with a nice wine or head there for Saturday brunch with friends or family.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

#10 L’Osteria

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

If you’ve been to Italy, you must be familiar with the Aperitivo concept. L’Osteria is one of the rare Italians in Beirut that master the Spritz and its accompaniments. Their dishes are also appetizing and typically Italian. You can head there around 7 pm for a fresh Spritz and a cheese/cold cuts platter. They also serve homey dishes that will satisfy your tasty Italian food cravings.

Harry's Bar Beirut | Breadonbutter
Photo from their facebook page

Any Italian place to add to the list?

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International Burger Day: Burgers To Try with Fadsfood

This week, Fadsfood’s picks are early and it’s all because of International Burger Day, which is officially on the 28th of May! To celebrate this famous food item served in millions of burger outlets, diners and international eateries, here’s a list of 13 mouthwatering burgers all around Lebanon for you to try. Check it out and please do add burgers you love that are not on the list.

13 Burgers to try on International Burger Day – Lebanon

Smoking Bun’s Classic

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
One of the best #Burgers for less than 10$ #Smoking#Bun #Burger #Beirut #Tasty #Meat #Medium #Fries#fadsfood #fastfood #Streetfood #SmokingBun

Captain Davis’ Monster Swiss Cheese

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
#Again #CaptainDavis #burger #monster#swisscheese #crispyfries #Lunchbreak #Friday#Sinelfil #Soft #Tasty #Clean #Beirut #fadsfood #food@captaindavis14

Captain Davis’ Triple B

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
Tripple B at #CaptainDavis new #Burger place in#Beirut #MustTry

Always Zahle’s Classic

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
#Basic #Hamburger #Always #FastFood #Lebanon#Zahle

Always Zahle’s Cheeseburger

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
#CheeseBurger #Always the #Vintage #FastFood#Lebanon #Zahle

 Burger Bites’ Classic Cheese, Mozzarella, Jalapeño and Le Brie

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
Very Tasty #Burger at #BurgerBites #Beirut #Monot#MustTry #Food #Fadsfood

Casper and Gambini’s mini burgers

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
Three tastes of #MiniBurgers @casperandgambinis#Burger #Beirut #Dinner #Fadsfood

Classic Burger Joint’s Chicken mozzarella burger

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
To be fair.. Nothing beats @classicbrgr !! It is the#tastiest #Burger #Chicken #Mozzarella #Burger in#Beirut #Food #Lunch

Dar Bistro’s mini halloumi burgers

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
#Halloumi #Burger @darbistro #mustTry #hamra#beirut

Marky’s Philly Joint’s Juicy Lucy

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
It was a Perfect combination #Lunch: #JuicyLucy@markysphillyjoint #Burger & #BurgerKing#FrenchFries #Food #Beirut

MJ’s Burger’s Special of the month

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
MJ’s #burger full of #flavors #pink #angus #beef#bellpepper #bluecheese #eggplant #marmkhayel#mjsburger #beirut

Roadster Diner’s BBQ Bacon’in

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
#RdBBQbaconin #Tastiest #Burger in #Beirut

Roadster Diner’s Cheese At Heart

International Burger Day | Breadonbutter
#CheeseAtHeart #Burger #Chips #Cheese #Roadster#nofilter @roadsterdiner

Can’t wait to hear about your favorite burgers!

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10 Ways to Overcome the Sunday Blues : Summer Edit

We all spend half of the week planning the weekend, from where to eat to which group of friends to hang out with. On Friday, a feeling of happiness envelops us and we feel on top of the world. Saturday is the best day of our lives, but then, like a bullet in the head, Sunday night hits us. This feeling of having to go back to school on Monday morning never leaves us, even as we grow older. After brainstorming ideas to overcome the Sunday blues with Jean and Fadsfood, we came up with a list of things you can do.

How to overcome the Sunday Blues

1) It all starts on Friday. Do not get blinded by your TGIF  joy and write your Monday to-do list on Friday. That way, you can have fun and disconnect all weekend knowing that everything is written down and tucked away.

2) Do not schedule any meetings for Monday, leave them for Tuesday thus giving yourself a day to collect your thoughts after the weekend.

3) On Sunday night, organize sunset drinks with fun friends. You’ll see that everyone has to work the next day and that you’re not alone in this world.

4) Avoid going to the movies on Sunday afternoon or evening. It will immediately trigger the Sunday blues feeling.

5) Do not leave the beach early. Instead, enjoy the sunset and plan a nice dinner by the sea. That will also allow you to also avoid the traffic jam and all the negative thinking you might end up doing in the car.

6) Prepare your outfit and work kit on Sunday night instead of running around on Monday morning. Knowing you’re all set for the next day will make you feel a lot better.

7) Plan to jog on Monday early morning and focus on it as the first thing you’ll be doing on that new week.

8) Move your Sunday family lunch to Saturday and spend Sunday with friends somewhere far from the city.

9) Plan a gathering at home on Sunday night and cook for some friends while sipping drinks on the terrace (or balcony)

10) De-clutter. It’s the principle of removing unnecessary and unused items from an overcrowded place of work/living/etc. If you remove one or several items that you have not used for a long time but that you were still attached to, trust us, you WILL feel relieved (as small an action as it sounds).

There will be more tips on the subject as time goes by and as we discover new ways to fight this feeling. Meanwhile, please do share with us how you do it!  We’d love to hear!

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Opinion, Travel 0 comments on Resilience Through Food and Art: Beirut Rebuilding Itself

Resilience Through Food and Art: Beirut Rebuilding Itself

A few days ago, Alisha Haridasani, writer at CNN, published this amazing article about our beloved city Beirut. Through tours guided by pure Lebanese food and art activists, a wonderful video was made (you can watch it on this link).

Kamal Mouzawak, founder of Souk el Tayeb and Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, is the first guest shown in the video. Since I’ve already met Kamal and had conversations with him, I enjoyed his tours around Souk el Tayeb (the only Saturday market in Beirut), Bourj Hammoud and Le Professeur for a nice foul breakfast. His message is clear:

Make Food, Not War.

The next guest is Rosalyn Ghubril from Zawarib, who I also met a few years ago as part of my job at the time. Rosalyn takes us at Platform 39 with Cyrille Najjar (learn more about what he does on this link) and at Brut L’Atelier, Mar Mikhael, where contemporary artists work on their creations.

A great part of the video is where we follow Mashrou’ Leila, Lebanon’s favorite indie-pop band, around the AUB campus – one of the fewest green spots left in Beirut. I love the portrait they made of the city: surrounded by water, Beirut is full of micro-communities with different identities and codes, pushing you to be a bit more tolerant and willing to negotiate. They also say that it is the most interesting time for music.

To sum up, Beirut is very small but also very diverse. There is incredible room for improvement in Food and Art, so let’s take advantage of this and put our ideas into life.

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Fadsfood’s Weekly Picks: Fries, Three Ways

Never eat alone. Always share what you eat. There is no bigger pleasure in life than giving.

– Fadsfood

This week, Fadsfood’s picks are all about our favorite dish – fries! We propose three ways of having them 😉 Check it out and follow him on instagram for mouthwatering pictures and food inspiration: @fadsfood.

Here are this week’s Fries picks

At MJ’s Burger – Rosemary fries

fries | breadonbutter
Very tasty #rosemary #fries #beer #mustard#mjsburger #burger #marmkhayel #beirut #fadsfood

At Roadster Diner – Fries & Cheddar, of course

fries | breadonbutter
Saturday late #lunch #traditions … back to basics …#fries & #cheddar at @roadsterdiner #roadster #diner#beirut #lebanon

At the beach, in their box! – Sporting Beach Club Beirut

fries | breadonbutter
#beirut #vintage #friesbox #box #frenchfries #sporting#sportingclub

Frie-lover are you? 😉

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Top 6 Places To Enjoy Sunset Drinks in Beirut

Even though the rainy weather is still surprising us on those May nights, the season for drinks at sunset is here. Like every month of May in Lebanon, the crowd’s sole excitement at the moment is to go drink the sunset away to celebrate the opening of the happy-go-lucky summer season. 🙂

For this occasion, I’ve compiled a list of 6 places to watch the sunset while having a cocktail in Beirut.

Sporting Beach Club

sunset | breadonbutter
Photo taken from thisisbeirut.com

There’s nothing better than to have a late lunch at the Sporting Beach Club terrace, then sit there and watch the sunset while you drink your Mexican Beer.

Four Seasons Hotel Roof

sunset | breadonbutter
Photo taken by beiruting.com

If you’re in need of a calm escape to quiet your thoughts, the four seasons rooftop is the place to be. It’s also very romantic.

Coop d’état

sunset | breadonbutter
Photo taken by zomato.com/beirut

One of the most relaxed places in Beirut.

O Monot Rooftop

sunset | breadonbutter
Photo taken from O Monot Facebook page

The best place for a fancy sunset drink with a small group of friends.

Zeitouna bay

sunset | breadonbutter
Photo taken from lightstalking.com

Zeitouna bay is great for an afternoon jog then a sunset lemonade or coffee at one of their cafes.

Iris – and you thought I wouldn’t mention it 😉

sunset | breadonbutter
Photo taken from tripadvisor.com

Iris is familiar to every Beiruti. It’s a favorite place to go for a drink, or even -most recently- brunch until 6 pm.

Any place you’d like to to add to the list?

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Places, Travel 2 comments on Take A Hike – A Day in the Kadisha Valley

Take A Hike – A Day in the Kadisha Valley

When it comes to exercise, the farther I can get from a gym, the better. I prefer the type of exercise where you don’t really feel you’re having it and count the minutes until it is considered enough. So let’s say that whenever I can, I consider nature to be my gym. Hikes are one of my favorite things to do on a weekend or even on a trip. I’ve also noticed it kind of restarts my brain and gives me more energy to think and start my week afresh. Not to go into too many details, I highly recommend a good hike to reduce your anxiety and stress, to boost your immunity, to give you energy, to make you more productive and help you concentrate.

kadisha valley

In Lebanon, we are spoiled with beautiful places to hike, and they’re all two hours away or less from Beirut. We spent the last two weekends hiking so today I’m sharing one of those days in the Kadisha Valley for inspiration.

The Kadisha Valley, located in Bcharre (click here for the map), is full of important Lebanese history (you can read more about it here). It was my second time hiking there and we spent approximately 6 hours walking down the valley and up again, passing by the Qannoubine monastery. Since it’s the end of winter and the snow is melting, it’s the best time to hike there as you get to see waterfalls and enjoy the perfect weather for hiking. The greenery is also impressive and striking.

kadisha valley

After a long tiring but fun hike, we headed to one of the most popular restaurants in the region, situated in Ehden, called Fardaous (meaning ‘paradise’ 🙂 ). The food was delicious – my opinion here being biased because of extreme hunger 😉 and the view was just perfect.

Here are some photos of the hike for you to get inspired.

kadisha valley kadisha valley hiking hiking wadi kadisha wadi kadisha wadi kadisha | breadonbutter

Don’t forget to stock up on snacks for energy as well as water to keep hydrated and to protect your muscles from cramps that can last days. Our favorite snacks when we go hiking are raw nuts, dried fruits, bananas and coconut bars. Jean has developed the pattern of having a Snickers before the hike, because you’re not you when you’re hungry 😉

Also, if you want to learn more about the region and get a guide who knows all the hiking ways well, you can contact a great guy called Jhonny Bou Ghosn on this number: +961 (3) 290 571

Who here is a fan of hiking? And where do you go? I’d love to know!

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Opinion 2 comments on May Bucket List

May Bucket List

I’ve really come to enjoy those monthly bucket lists as they give me goals I feel I should achieve. Coming up with goals requires you to dig deeper and think about what you’d like to do and accomplish in this life. I know they’re small things but they contribute a lot to the bigger picture, and they keep evolving into different areas as you grow older.

In April, I found myself reaching more goals than in March. I started Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage but didn’t finish it yet as I rarely sat down to read. I made the last stew of the season (click for the coq au vin recipe), I went out for drinks more, hiked 2 times in Wadi Qannoubine and the Cedars of Tannourine – stay tuned for more details, we had loads of BBQs, I enjoyed taking snapshots of people’s faces and expressions, we cooked healthy meals like this strawberry salad, and tried Liza’s restaurant and the newly opened La Creperie (stay tuned for more details as well) which I had never gone to before.

This month, I also have plans. Here they are.

Breadonbutter’s May Bucket list

  1. Go camping, enjoy the stars and great talks with friends “à la belle étoile
  2. Discover more local produces and research the organic food mania more
  3. Discover “new food”, i.e. not only limit myself to ingredients I have always known but discover new twists and combinations
  4. Plan a getaway in Lebanon, aiming to discover more of that country of ours
  5. Start making Breadonbutter videos that you’ll be able to watch on the Breadonbutter Youtube channel
  6. Make our own ingredients at home (like spicy olive oil , nine spices and caramel)
  7. Watch more sunsets as you get to make wishes and it makes you happy
  8. Discover new Design brands for the home like ferm living
  9. Work out more (I’m currently obsessed with Blogilates and Tabata workouts)
  10. Uncover the different recipes and combinations that can be made with coffee beans
  11. Collaborate more with other fellow bloggers
  12. Finish Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage!
  13. Try and make ice cream. Oh, and homemade bread!
  14. Meet at least 2 new fascinating persons
  15. Find 1 hidden gem that the crowd hasn’t consumed yet

So cheers to May! 😀

Any goals you’d like to share?

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Designer Eats – The Netherlands Part II: Termarsch & Co in Rotterdam

After Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen experience, Maria and her sister take us to one of the best burger places in Rotterdam.

termarsch & co | breadonbutter


Here is part two of Maria’s foodie journey through the Netherlands and it takes place at Termarsch & Co., Rotterdam.

After a long visit to museums, we were starving. While walking in the Witt de Withstraat neighborhood in Rotterdam, we randomly stopped at a Burger Place that grabbed our attention. The street, usually much busier and artsy, was more or less calm on an early Tuesday afternoon.

The place looked cool from the outside, and since I am a huge burger lover, I could not convince myself of not going in to try a burger in a country famous for its international cuisine!

Once in, the freezer above the mezzanine grabbed my attention. I guess this is where they store meat! It was actually cool, I’d definitely save this idea!

We got the menu which was fully in dutch so the waiter told us about each burger, giving an additional tip regarding the burger I chose, the Lady Burger: It won the 2015 Best Burger Prize in the Netherlands. Its description in the menu read:

Scottish Angus Beef en Japans Wagyu, met lakjus van wintertruffel, jonge sla, augurk, pruimtomaat, Spaanse ui, boerenkaas en Ter Marsch saus. 

Translation: Scottish Angus Beef and Japanese Wagyu, with lakjus winter truffle, young lettuce, pickles, plum tomato, red onion, farm and Ter Marsch sauce.

How could I not try it?

I did, and boy do I really not regret it! As soon as I held it in my hands, the juice came out. It was really delicious and one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, so were the fries and the homemade mayo with curry!

termarsch & co | breadonbutter

I highly recommend it. If you have the chance to visit Rotterdam, make sure you stop by Termarsch & Co.

And if you’re not, what are you waiting for to plan your 2015 summer vacation? 😀

Anyone else craving a burger right now?! Thank you again Maria! 😉 

About Maria

As a conceptual designer and thinker, I always strive to develop ideas based on an original and unconventional approach.With a professional training in Product Design and Interior & Living Design, 
my practice has evolved throughout the past years by focusing on products, spaces and user experience design. This led me to develop a passion for interactive media and communication strategies, often influencing my teaching at the Lebanese American University.

When I found myself alone in Italy, I had to cook to survive and that’s how my love for cooking was born! 🙂

I perceive cooking as a meditation tool, but find satisfaction only after sharing the tasting experience with friends! Yes, my food is yummy and you should try it!

I like to explore cooking with colors, textures, forms and emotions, I mix them up intuitively so it’s always hard to write an accurate recipe with exact quantities! What matters though is the look (for dreaming)… then the taste (for feeling)!

Happy eating!

You can follow her on twitter and instagram (both accounts are @mariawanted).

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Fadsfood’s Weekly Picks: Eating Misconduct

Never eat alone. Always share what you eat. There is no bigger pleasure in life than giving.

– Fadsfood

This week, Fadsfood’s picks are sweet and lip-smacking. These three heavenly desserts are made for those happy cheat days! Check it out and follow him on instagram for mouthwatering pictures and food inspiration: @fadsfood.

Here are this week’s Heavenly Desserts Picks

Joz Lebanese Diner – Antelias, Lebanon

heavenly desserts | breadonbutter
#osmalliya #Dessert #Joz @jozlebanesediner #food#fadsfood #Lebanon

Pâte à Choux – Beirut, Lebanon

heavenly desserts | breadonbutter
Back to #dessert after a long stop! #Bahamas from Pâte à Choux #Pateachoux #Ashrafieh #Beirut#fadsfood

Babel Sur Mer – Dbayeh, Lebanon 

heavenly desserts | breadonbutter
Ok it doesn’t look good… But the taste is crazy!#Dessert At #babelsurmer #Amchit #Lebanon#Fadsfood

What’s your favorite dessert? Tell us in the comments! 😉