We all indulge in tasty dishes and desserts because we are food lovers after all. But staying healthy most of the time is quite important.

I have been following Nestle Choose Wellness lately and decided to write something that will inspire you to choose a healthy routine – keeping the free desserts and meals moderately, of course!

A big part of having a healthy routine is really to plan your meals on Sunday night or Monday morning for the coming weekdays.

So here are a few healthy meal ideas for lunch or dinner this week.

1)   Beef Stroganoff with just a little bit of light cream

beef stroganoff

Recipe for 4 persons:

–      500 g lean meat, sliced

-       1 onion, diced

-       Mushrooms (as much as you like)

-       Light cream (40 cl)

–       300 ml Tomato Sauce (preferably natural)

-       Salt, Pepper to taste

-       Hot chili powder for spicy lovers

-       Basmati Rice (just 1 cup)

-       In a casserole, mix the diced onions with the beef, salt and pepper.

-       When the beef is half cooked, add all of the other ingredients, bring to the boil, then simmer until the sauce has thickened

-       Have with rice

2)   Mussels, without cream in the sauce, and green salad. Recipe here

mussels and salad

3)   Bruschetta

Processed with Rookie

Recipe (count two of each ingredient for each person):

-       Tomatoes

-       Basilica

-       Whole Wheat bread or multi-cereal

-       Olive oil (1 tbsp)

-       Salt, Pepper

-       Garlic for garlic lovers

-       Dice the tomatoes then mix in all the ingredients and have with toasted bread

4)   White Fish Tartare. Recipe here

Processed with Rookie

5)   Healthy “fajitas”

Processed with Rookie

Recipe for 4 persons:

–       500 g lean Beef, sliced

-       Salt, Pepper

-       1 red onion

–       Baby Lettuce

-       Cook the beef with a bit of cooking oil (1 tsp), season, then serve on the baby lettuce with a bit of red onion

One piece of advice: Start your meals with a green salad. It’s full of fibers and thus will keep you full and help you not eat the whole casserole 😉 Have a great week!


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