I once wrote (here) about the fun tools a baker can have in his or her kitchen. Since then, I have accumulated more fun things that help materialize my creativity in baking and other recipes as well.

So here are some of them:

The most important thing for a baker to have is of course a proper cake mold. Here are two identically-shaped cake molds to make layering easier. They’re from the Kaiser brand range and they’re not sticky at all.


Second is a chips or crisps-maker that came with a tiny book of recipe ideas for crisps. Things such as apple crisps baked with cinnamon on top! Recipes coming soon 🙂


Then come the differently-shaped cookie cutters (previously mentioned in my Cooking Tools Wish List)



The Cup and Spoon measurers (very important in baking, I have come to learn)


And the mini pie molds, ideal for when hosting people and also for saving some space in your fridge afterwards.


And finally, fun muffin, soufflé, or pudding tins, all from IKEA.


That’s it for now, but make sure to stay tuned for new things to have in your kitchen 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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