Dunking sweet delights in coffee or tea is one of life’s pleasures. I have always dreamed of baking my own brioche and smelling it fresh out of the oven. There’s something so comforting about that, isn’t there? So I looked for an easy brioche recipe. I found one here and gave it a little twist of my own -like adding cinnamon powder, something us Mediterraneans cannot live without. I won’t hide the fact that my shoulders and arms were all sore afterwards, but it was so delicious and up to my childhood expectations that the soreness turned into happiness.
You will need:
250 g all-purpose flour
1 tbsp yeast
2 tbsp sugar
0.5 teaspoon salt
77 g butter
80 ml milk
cinnamon powder (2.5 tablespoons)
1 egg yolk for the glazing
How to make the brioche:
1) Put the flour in a bowl and dig a hole in the middle

2) Pour the warm milk in the hole

3) Add the butter and mix with your hands (you can do it with a mixer but I personally think hands are better)

4) Add the eggs and mix

5) Add cinnamon powder (the more the better – it depends on your taste) and mix
6) After you’re done mixing everything, cover the dough with saran wrap and leave it in a dry space where no air can enter for 2 full hours, until it becomes twice the size

7) Mix the dough with your hands again then place it in a greased mold

8) Separate the egg white and egg yolk of one egg to use the yolk

9) With a brush, spread the egg yolk on the dough (for the glaze)

10) Then sprinkle sugar on top

11) With a knife, cut lines in the dough

12) Put it in the oven 20 to 30 minutes, and voila!!

Enjoy it with breakfast, dessert, afternoon snack or anytime!

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