I recently learnt about FERM LIVING, the Danish Design brand for the Home. Its simplicity and contemporary designs quickly got my attention.

ferm LIVING draws on Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm – but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. ferm LIVING is rooted in Denmark, where Trine Andersen founded a graphic design studio in 2005. The decision to start her own business sprang from a personal vision of a bird on a branch, ready to take off. That bird remains a part of the ferm LIVING logo today.
Last week in Paris, we visited Fleux’, a concept store in the Marais neighborhood. I was in paradise. This place is everything a Design-lover could ever ask for, including FERM LIVING products. My current Ferm obsession are these wire baskets to fill with anything lying around your home. Not only are they useful keeping any room tidy and providing storage space for blankets, cushions, magazines, laundry, books, toys or even firewood if you are a chimney owner, but they also transform into tables if you get the Ferm smoked oak tops. The baskets are fabricated with iron wire with powder coating.
ferm wire basket
“The name ”ferm” was actually inspired by my grandmother. When she said that someone was “ferm på fingrene” – i.e. skilled with their hands, literally “good with their fingers” – it was high praise indeed. I like to think that she would approve of the ferm LIVING range; it is modern, but also has a reassuring homelike quality – and we try to make sure that every piece is made well.”
Trine Andersen
“My designs have always been based in my own life. The very first wallpaper came into being because I couldn’t find the sort of crisp, graphic design I wanted. So, I simply decided that if I wanted a specific graphic style someone else might want it too – and went ahead and did it. Later, we became parents, and faced a similar situation when it came to design elements for children’s rooms. Later still, we found ourselves needing new things, as we moved into a bigger, loft-like home. Everyday life is my inspiration.”
ferm living | breadonbutter
“I have never created anything on the basis of strategy or cool calculation; it has to come from the heart for me. I am very happy and grateful – and still somewhat surprised! – to see that these designs have appealed to so many people worldwide. And I still stick to the same design philosophy that began it all – doing what feels right. Then it has a much better chance of feeling right for someone else too.”

You can order them online here. My favorite color is the Rose one. Details of the item below:

Item no: 3068
Colour: Rose

Size: Ø: 60 x H: 45 cm
Material: Iron wire with powder coating

All photos were taken from Ferm Living’s website. You can check it here.

Have you hear of Ferm Living? Do you own a piece of their designs?

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