Since it’s Beirut Design Week and the city streets are packed with design-lovers heading to all of the events organized for the occasion, I thought I’d share with you my recent crush. I saw that copper french press at Lafayette Home back in Paris and fell in love instantly. I bought it of course but it’s safely tucked away until we move into the new house.

The Bodum brand has been present for over 40 years. Their motto is simple and encouraging:

Good design doesn’t have to be expensive

– Peter Bodum.

Of Scandinavian origin, Bodum shows true functionality and aesthetics. They are specialized in coffee and tea products (from coffee makers to mugs and glasses and even travel mugs). Their production line doesn’t stop there as bodum satisfies your kitchenware needs by offering a selection of bowls, cookware, cutlery and electrics, and BBQ lovers, you get a choice of BBQ products and tools. You can check their selection here. In Lebanon, I know of BHV Déco (in City Mall and Khoury Home) and Carousel Ashrafieh, who sell Bodum products.

Going back to the beautiful copper french press, “the frame and lid, made of steel, undergo several chrome plating processes to obtain a durable shiny surface that will last for many years of intense use. The black CHAMBORD Polypropylene handle comes in a matte finish that not only gives a comfortable grip while serving but adds to the classic quality of the design.”

bodum | breadonbutter

If you’re a coffee-lover and know your way around coffee beans, you are surely aware of The French press system. It is known for always being the simplest way of brewing an exceptional cup of coffee. To get the best out of it, use fresh coarse ground beans with boiling hot water to obtain the best cup of joe. It’s also ideal for when you have a few guests who appreciate good coffee 🙂

Did you know of the Bodum brand?

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