When I first started cooking, I secretly wished for smarter utensils that could make any cook’s life easier. I mean I love preparing dishes and baking cakes but sometimes, it’s just a hassle because of the practicality of it all. Little did I know back then that smart and beautiful cooking tools did in fact exist. They exist since 2003 under the name of Joseph Joseph. Founded by two British brothers, the brand became widely known as blending beauty, efficiency and innovation. It can be said that they have mastered kitchen efficiency, also making sure their products are aesthetically noticeable.

Here are 3 Joseph Joseph kitchen utensils I chose to inspire you

The chopping boards collection

joseph joseph | breadonbutter

Inspired by an office filing system with indexes indicating the categories, these chopping boards also tackle the issue of cross-contamination that comes with prepping raw food and mixing them with vegetables. You’ll really enjoy the easy and practical use.

The folding colander

joseph joseph | breadonbutter

Aside from being easy to store because of its folding possibilities, this colander is also practical to slip your vegetables or pasta right in the dish.

Garlic crusher

joseph joseph | breadonbutter

This no pain and compact garlic crusher is easy to use and easy on the arms.

You can also watch the video below to get a general idea on the brand.

Do you know of Joseph Joseph? If yes, do you own of the products?

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