This week’s Design item is for coffee lovers. With this Kinto Coffee Carafe, you can enjoy watching your coffee drip into your mug with a delicious smell filling your house.

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This coffee carafe set is great for long afternoons at home with a really great book in hand.

Experience Dripping Coffee by Hand. It will Fulfill Your Life.

Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee. The series ‘Slow Coffee Style’ was born to bring you the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with the relaxed passage of time. The carafe set and porcelain brewer both offer two choices to brew coffee either with stainless steel filter or paper filter. As the extensive lineup provides a wide range of choices for item coordination, you can easily find your own style of slow coffee. The mugs with the illustrations and the message newly join the series.

kinto | breadonbutter kinto | breadonbutter kinto | breadonbutter kinto | breadonbutter

Kinto is a Japanese company specializing in house-ware. They showcase their products internationally, you can check their blog on this link.

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