Whenever I’m out shopping for kitchen tools or nice things for the home, I find myself lusting over products made by Le Creuset, a French cookware manufacturer known for its casseroles made in cast-iron. They also make various types of cookware like these colorful kettles. Not only are they nicely designed and are a pleasure to the eyes but they’re are also built to last. The material they are fabricated with is basically enamel on steel, made with robust carbon steel and completed with a vibrant porcelain enamel finish. The dexterity in their creation, combined with their beautiful design is more than satisfying to the home owner.

There’s a huge variety of Kettle sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, made for every kitchen. Below are 3 different kinds of kettles available at Le Creuset.

The Zen Kettle

le creuset | breadonbutter

The Peruh Kettle set with mugs

le creuset | breadonbutter

The French Press Coffee set

 le creuset | breadonbutterPhotos taken from www.lecreuset.com 

 Do you own a Le Creuset product? 

You can view other selected Design items here.

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