The thing is, I not only enjoy writing about what I do and what I cook, but I also love it when people I find very special write about what they cook and experience. One of the long-term goals of this blog is to make it a community where great people from different backgrounds share their cooking, travel, and lifestyle. So imagine the smile on my face when I got an email from Maria, our designer cook here on breadonbutter, telling me about her experience in two restaurants she visited in the Netherlands. She tells the story like any foodie would: with passion.

Here is part one of her experience with restaurants during her trip, and it takes place at Fifteen. I won’t say more and leave the floor to Maria.

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During my trip to the Netherlands last March, one of the main activities was to try a couple of restaurants!

One of them was the Fifteen restaurant founded by the famous Chef Jamie Oliver! If you’ve never heard of him, that’s his website:

It took my sister and I a while to reach the place since it is not located in Central Amsterdam, but a few stops away from the Central Station, in a calm and new residential neighborhood. It was windy and dark, with just a few people walking through. But after quite some efforts we reached our destination, very discreet I must say!

fifteen | breadonbutter

As we entered the place, we were greeted by friendly staff who took off our coats and seated us. We had a nice view on the kitchen, as well as on the Red ‘Fifteen’ graffiti that covers a long wall and the bar. It is a big restaurant, beautifully designed to make the customer rapidly feel at ease.

We got the menu along with delicious and crispy, yet soft bread and almost melting butter (Lynn, this is for you, I literally had butter with bread) and the waiter informed us about the options we had to chose from. There was a formula that consisted of 3, 4 or 5 dishes or we could freely select dishes à la carte from the Evening Menu.

We tried to guess why the restaurant’s name is Fifteen and concluded that it highlights the 15 items on the menu. Yes, we counted them!

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my phone. The plates looked better in reality, of course, they were actually very well-designed and the temperature was just right!

Overall, it was a nice experience. The service was slightly slow when it came to the main dish I must say and my only regret is that I did not manage to have any dessert as I was so full! I added it to my list for next time!

What we had from the menu:

Roasted and marinated vegetables / Dutch cheeses / cured meats

fifteen | breadonbutter



Caramelized salsify / truffle / ‘messenklever’ / cauliflower in ‘beurre noisette’

Rose baked round of beef 

fifteen | breadonbutter fifteen | breadonbutter

Apple compote / ‘taste tartin’ van chicory                          

The kataifi looks so tempting. Thanks Maria! 🙂

Has anyone been to one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants?

About Maria

As a conceptual designer and thinker, I always strive to develop ideas based on an original and unconventional approach.With a professional training in Product Design and Interior & Living Design, 
my practice has evolved throughout the past years by focusing on products, spaces and user experience design. This led me to develop a passion for interactive media and communication strategies, often influencing my teaching at the Lebanese American University.

When I found myself alone in Italy, I had to cook to survive and that’s how my love for cooking was born! 🙂

I perceive cooking as a meditation tool, but find satisfaction only after sharing the tasting experience with friends! Yes, my food is yummy and you should try it!

I like to explore cooking with colors, textures, forms and emotions, I mix them up intuitively so it’s always hard to write an accurate recipe with exact quantities! What matters though is the look (for dreaming)… then the taste (for feeling)!

Happy eating!

You can follow her on twitter and instagram (both accounts are @mariawanted).

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