A while ago, I stumbled across this article on why we shouldn’t pair cheese with wine. It got me thinking about our “food behavior”. In the world of hosting, there are things we stick to – depending on the circumstances and season. Cheese and Wine is one of them. Year after year, come rain, we gather for cheese and wine. We’ve been taught to do it and the winter season can’t possibly go by without these gatherings. It’s funny how sometimes we know deep down some things shouldn’t be the way they are but we still do them because that’s what the culture and lifestyle in the place we live in are like.

Before I start getting too philosophical and rebellious, I’ll bring my focus back to why food52 states we shouldn’t pair cheese with wine. Their argument is simple and they quote the owner of a restaurant who says: “The tannins in wine dull the palate with every sip.” So apparently, the perfect thing to pair with cheese is more cheese… and not wine! Look at what he says on pairing cheese with something else:

Cider, on the other hand, is the perfect drink to have with a cheese plate—and beer isn’t so bad, either. Steve says, “With cider and beer, there’s effervescence, so it keeps the palate lively—it’s not being dulled out. With cider, you’ve got the natural components of fruit and apples, which are such a natural pairing with cheese.” Think cheddar and apples—a match made in heaven.

After all, it’s all about the palate.

Any thoughts on this? I’ll never be able to have a Cheese & Wine night again without feeling like a fraud :p

Meanwhile, I’ll be looking into what to pair wine with! You can check this article I once wrote on pairing wine and food if you’d like 🙂


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