I’ve lately been struggling with only one thing – not having my Diet Coke in a glass filled with ice. I’ve let myself believe that without Coke, my stomach would get better. To tell you the truth it did, but some meals are still not worth it without my coca cola glass. I’ll certainly have it again, but only on days when I’m allowed a cheat.

When my boss showed me this ad at work yesterday, it felt like an arrow in my heart. He pointed out that it spoke to all of our senses and thus crave this pleasurable sin. After watching it,  I couldn’t but imagine myself at the beach with a good book and a huge bucket of ice sprinkled with Coca Cola Zero. My stomach will have to suffer but it shall be fine.

What Coca Cola did in their Drinkable Ad was create this envy to try the coca cola zero. By sensing the product with sight, taste, and sound, people could not avoid going and picking up their free coca cola zero. They took advertising to the next level. It is no longer limited to a mouthwatering picture of a drink poured into a fresh glass. They associated it to your daily life: our phone, one of our most-used app (shazam), and convenience (a free coke can be redeemed anywhere, anytime).

If you’re a true coca cola lover – and we know ourselves – watch this! What little willpower you have left will flee your brain a minute after it has stopped playing.


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