Some of you consult their psychologist, astrologist or doctor. Some of you go to their friends, parents or siblings. Well what if you could go to a Happy-ologist? I happen to know one; and a very good one I might add. Someone who is ambitious, devoted to his goals and to his ultimate mission: Spreading Happiness. Georges Araman, a friend I have known for a long time, presents to you here the foods that make you Happy. I will soon be concocting a recipe with those foods so stay tuned for Happy cooking!

“Did you know that by eating certain types of food, your happiness thermostat rises temporarily? And this, is backed by science!

Happiness hormones come from amino acids which release serotonin.
In his book Life Changing Happiness, Paul Jenner wrote an entire part on the types of food that make you happy. Some of these ingredients might be known to you as “grandma recipes”, while others might be less familiar.
Haven’t you all heard the saying that a glass of red wine with your evening meal is great for the heart? Well it is also great for Happiness (although it is recommended to be consumed moderately).
Another ingredient which comes as no surprise, is the cocoa (mainly found in dark chocolate).
Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is the chemical responsible for the burning sensation (not recommended for a daily usage).
Brazilian nuts contain more selenium than any other food.
And last but not least (it should put a smile on lovers face), Garlic!
Karl Moore, author of The 18 rules of happiness, claims that it is actually a balanced diet that is capable of enhancing your mood. Omega 3, he states, has been scientifically proven to reduce depression and increase happiness. Foods rich in tryptophan increase your wellbeing through serotonin, the hormone of Happiness.
Avocados and Bananas are also amongst the most complete and recommended types of food to be consumed regularly.

To know the secret daily food ritual that keeps Mr. Happy Happy all day, stay tuned to find out everything about our upcoming event.”
Written by Georges Araman – Happiologist

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