All of us who live in Beirut know how wonderful it is to drive somewhere far and beautiful for the weekend. But we also know the exhaustion we’ll feel when getting back during traffic hours (which are basically at almost all hours). So there are weekends where we decide we can’t do it, stay in the city and go somewhere for brunch, lunch or coffee. But! the places we go to don’t have to be that confined. You can still escape city life while staying in the city. Here are our top places to go in Beirut to escape city life within the city.

Escape the city within the city: Breadonbutter’s Top 4 Escapes in Beirut

1- Sporting Beach Club

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Not only does this place remind you or shows you how life in Lebanon was before and during the war, but you also get great food. There’s nothing better than to enjoy those “provencal shrimps” and fried calamaris with happy faces. This place is like going into a vintage picture full of colors, people sunbathing and indisputable happiness.

2- Al Rawda Café

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Mention Rawda Café and my mind goes straight to my early university days when we used to go there for a Labneh plate and Turkish coffee. Take a walk on the Corniche on Saturday morning and get a nice rest at this Café afterwards.

3- La Plage

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When the weather is pleasant, head to La Plage on late afternoons and enjoy a nice glass of wine right by the sea. You’ll feel like you’re on a boat somewhere far away from the city.

4- Beirut Waterfront

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Grant it, to get there you need to brave the traffic, cars and works going on around the Biel area. But once you get to that concrete road built right by the sea, with a view on our beloved port giraffes, you’ll be away from it all.

Don’t forget your books!

Any other suggestion? 

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