Never eat alone. Always share what you eat. There is no bigger pleasure in life than giving.

– Fadsfood

This week, Fadsfood picks are warm and festive. Check them out and follow him on instagram for mouthwatering pictures and food inspiration: @fadsfood.

Here are this week’s picks:

Mimi’s Quiches at The Food Dealer – Instagram: @the_fooddealer

fadsfood | breadonbutter

Note: I got to taste my mimi’s quiches 2 days ago and they are amazing!

Quesadillas at Cafe de Penelope – Instagram: @cafedepenelope

fadsfood | breadonbutter

A variety of delicious chocolates! No need to say more 🙂

fadsfood | breadonbutter

Have you tried The Food Dealer or Cafe de Penelope? How did you find them?

P.S.: You can check last week’s picks on this link.

Have a great weekend!

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