Since we just recently got a new batch of snow on our Lebanese mountains, it’s time for a new fireplace edition. A few months ago, we presented you with the top fireplaces in Lebanon (link here). This time, it’s you fireplace owners’ turn. You’ve been given the benefit of a fireplace at home (or any weekend house), so use it wisely – cook in your chimney! It takes less time than a normal fire, it’s delicious, fun and romantic. Not only that, but it will also bring conviviality to your whole evening, making it less formal and bringing you and your guests to open up fun conversations while preparing the food.

So here are the top foods you can cook in your fireplace this February:


For this, you’ll need a small grill and garlic cloves (for garlic lovers). Just slice the potatoes thinly and place them on the grill alongside the garlic cloves. You’ll just love crushing the garlic on top of those thin slices of grilled potatoes.


In an aluminum foil, place the chestnuts (as they are) and grill them until the skin starts to peel off. Enjoy removing the skin and eating away.

Hot dogs and sausages

Poke your sausage with a skewer, grill it to your preference, then put it in your sandwich with simple salsa.


Corn on the cob, topped with melted butter, pepper and chili powder 😉 Need I say more?

Roasted vegetables

Instead of bothering to make a salad with a dressing, just grill all kinds of vegetables on the fire and enjoy your five a day. Aubergines, zucchinis, peppers, you name it.

Melt cheese on a bread

Use a clean chimney scoop to place your favorite bread topped with your favorite cheese and let it melt away on the fire. Have it with wine of course (click here for more details).


Marshmallows are typically put on a skewer and melted on the fire. But why not add a small twist to this by later on squeezing them between 2 biscuits?

A pot of stew

And last but not least, you can use your chimney to cook any kind of stew, but the casserole should be robust like one these Le Creuset dutch ovens.

Final note: Make sure you have a nice kind of bar for dips and sauces to go with the hot dogs, potatoes, corn, etc. This will make the whole evening complete.

Do you have a fireplace at home? Do you cook in it?

Happy weekend!  

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