Last Sunday was a special one. For lunch, I had a guest chef in my kitchen.
His name is Jean Fares, he works in business, has an overly creative mind, and surely knows how to use it in the kitchen! He prefers cooking salty dishes rather than desserts (despite that having previously tasted his sweet creations, I can say his desserts are excellent).
On sunday, Jean’s menu consisted of:
– A Noodle soup (previously posted in my blog, you can find it by clicking here), enhanced this time by adding Shitake Mushrooms to it
– A vegetable salad
– THE “Veau Blanc” with honey
– Broccoli and Baby potatoes as accompaniments
We started by properly choosing our ingredients at the supermarket. For the “Veau Blanc”, Jean carefully chose a Dutch one (a Dutch White Calf), with a lot of fresh vegetables for the rest of the ingredients.
For the Soup, refer to older post “A Tasty Soup of Healthy“, but this time, add Shitake Mushrooms instead of fresh mushrooms.
Noodle Soup with Shitake Mushrooms
For the Salad:
– One big fresh eggplant
– 200 to 300g of zucchini
– Fresh Basil leaves
– Halloum Cheese
– Fresh Raspberries (1 pack)
– Cherry tomatoes (1 pack)
– Olive oil
– Salt, Pepper
Jean’s Vegetable Salad
1) Dice the eggplant and zucchinis, place them in a pan with some olive oil on top, and sauté them until they are gold-ish
2) Dice the halloumi cheese and do the same
3) Crush the basil leaves until they become a paste and add enough olive oil on them to make enough sauce for the salad, add salt and pepper
4) Put all ingredients in a bowl and pour the basil and olive oil on top and there you go!
Now for the Veau Blanc!
You will need:
– Green pepper (crushed, you can crush them just a bit like in the picture below)
– Dijon mustard
– 20 g of butter (melted)
– Fresh Cream (a small pack)
– Honey (Approximately 4 to 6 tablespoons)
– Sea Salt
1) Remove the Veau (i.e. calf) from its pack and knead it (massage it, “le malaxer” – quoting Jean) with a mix of 20 g melted butter and mustard (see below) – leave it to rest
2) In a large Tefal pan, throw some sea salt and place the Veau on top. Leave it on high fire 7 minutes on each side (NOT in the oven, but on the top, on a normal fire – see below).
3) Add the honey on each side of the Veau and leave for 3 to 4 minutes

4) Add the crushed green pepper and turn until it reaches the roasting that you and your guests prefer (on Sunday, all of the guests preferred it rare so the roasting didn’t take a lot of time). Take it out of the pan and place it on the serving plate

5) On the pan, you will see that a lot of the Veau’s juice is there. What you have to do next is just add half of the small pack of fresh cream to the juice in the pan and mix. This will be the sauce to serve on the side of the Veau

For accompaniments, you will need:

– Baby potatoes
– Fresh broccoli
– Olive oil
– Sea Salt

Cook the potatoes and broccoli in the oven with olive oil and sea salt on top for approximately 30 to 35 minutes. Click here and scroll to the bottom to see how.

Jean’s Veau Blanc
served with baked baby potatoes and broccoli

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