I’ve always admired people who make it a life purpose to help others, especially children. What we think only happens in movies is actually drawn from reality. Child abuse, be it physical or emotional, is a harsh part of reality. In a society governed by taboo, shame and guilt, it is even harder for kids to ask for help when abused by a parent.

Among the many NGOs we have here in Lebanon, I think that Himaya stands out. It might be because I am aware of their activities more than others’ or because I know a few people who work there, but I hold their cause close to my heart because it helps vulnerable children.

Children are truth and life. They are our hope that the future can be better. They hold the key to hard-to-find solutions in their bright minds full of creativity.

April is the month of child abuse prevention. I thought it would be great to highlight what Himaya does especially that foodies can help them make a change.

Their ongoing campaign this April is all about raising awareness and trying to erase the taboo. If you’ve noticed the “Ma tkhabe, khaber” billboards all over Lebanon and heard about their game on Virgin Radio, you must be aware of the efforts Himaya makes to spread the word.

Also, they have partnered up with Divvy for the #DVhimayaSlide challenge. Basically, people head to Divvy’s branch at The Village in Dbayeh, upload a video of them on their slide with the hashtag. For every video upload, Divvy will donate $1 to the cause Himaya strongly supports.

There are many other ways people can contribute in general. Mainly:
– You can volunteer with Himaya
– You can purchase Himaya products available on Lebelik
– You can attend their events
– You can sponsor the children of their Resilience Center through their Sponsor a Child Program
– You can donate through their website
– You can order the himaya items on the menus of their foodies4change partners; with every order of those items 1,000 LBP is donated to himaya
– You can spread the word, share their posts and just help them raise awareness
Himaya | Breadonbutter
There will never be enough words to praise the work people at Himaya do, but I hope I at least influenced some of you to spread the word!
Check their website www.himaya.org for all the details you might need to help!
Have a great positive Monday all! 🙂

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