Today is the 1rst of July and I’m still wondering how Christmas has come and gone. Time does fly, which puts pressure on our goals and the means we use to achieve them. The last week of June has been life-changing career-wise and even though I’m not one to regret any decision I make, I hope I took a sound one. I’ve embarked on a new adventure hoping that it will be a huge step towards my ultimate goal. I’ll elaborate more one day, but for now, all I want is to share a new bucket list.

June’s felt like a year rather than a month. Summer is definitely on with bbqs and long summer days. I started my Whole 30 challenge, which has been quite a ride until now (you can read about it here and here). We had the chance to meet Michelin-starred Chef Greg Malouf (read more about him here), and we discovered new recipes and ingredients. I also worked a lot on my photography skills, which made me happy, and last but not least, we’ve been watching a whole lot of sunsets.

july bucket list | breadonbutter

Breadonbutter’s July Bucket List

  1.  Work hard, even though it’s July, a month that screams vacation
  2. Read more instead of watching TV and scrolling down my phone
  3. Cook more without giving excuses – I know I’ve been short on recipes lately and I promise to make it up
  4. Finish my Whole 30 and reintroduce various food groups while controlling my cravings – it has been hard sometimes, I must admit
  5. Watch at least one old movie – because I love old movies and I think they enrich our souls. My favorites are Cinema Paradiso, La Vita e Bella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Louis de Funes’ Pouic Pouic
  6. Discover a new place in Lebanon
  7. Bake more cakes
  8. Be more organized
  9. Run more often
  10. Discover new music
  11. Eat at 2 new restaurants

july bucket list | breadonbutter july bucket list | breadonbutter

Any item on your list lately?

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