Lately, I’ve been very much into infographics. It’s hard to explain why, maybe I’m liking the simple, visual explanation to everything. It might be my brain telling me I need a holiday (which I will be taking in August – destination to be revealed soon! 😉 ). So here’s an interesting article I found full of infographics which combine my two loves: food and culture. It talks about a Spanish company that published a series of images, focusing on cities and the type of food they typically eat (such as hamburgers, sushi, pizza, sandwiches and pintxos), along with the varieties of this specific dish/sandwich/snack. This goes beyond language barriers.Have a look! It’s in Spanish but you can understand the general idea 🙂

1) Donostia (Spanish city): the pintxo (or pincho) is usually eaten in bars as a small snack while hanging out with friends or family, which gives it a strong socializing component. It’s very much related to tapas but comes on a piece of bread with an added toothpick (hence the word pincho/pintxo)



food of cities donosti

2) London: If you’ve lived in London or been there long enough to go through quick-bite or lunch-on-the-park-lawn days, you know those triangle sandwiches. You typically have them with a bag of Lay’s crisps and a drink of your choice


food of cities london

3) Napoli: One word: pizza. 🙂

food of cities napoli

4) New York: Anyone craving a burger?

food of cities new york

5) Tokyo: I’ve heard the Japanese eat sushi very differently than the rest of the world. This shows us their way is just a simpler way.

food of cities tokyo

I’m wondering which typical food Lebanon’s infographic would illustrate: Man’oushe? Shawarma? Knefe? What do you think?

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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