Last Saturday evening, we were waiting for my sister to get back from London. We were preparing dinner for the whole family and thought it would be nice to throw in a nice and refreshing fizzy drink. After researching some recipes on the internet and gathering ideas, we came up with one ourselves. It turned out to be really refreshing, kind of like this white sangria we had mixed a few weeks ago. It’s also really easy to make and great for parties you host!


What you’ll need (for 6 persons):


– 2 cups of Rum
– 1 cup of Grapefruit
– Soda water
– Raspberries
– Mint
How to make it:
1) In a jar, mix the rum and grapefruit
2) Add the raspberries and mint
3) Pour in each cup with a dash of Soda water
Cheers! 😉

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