Finally, here comes the season! Tanned and smiley faces get out of hibernation mode and start embracing summer days. Fresh drinks on rooftops, drinks on the beach, fruits, dancing. You get the picture.
So if you decide to host a little party at home this week, here’s an easy fresh Red Sangria you can make for everyone to enjoy.
What you’ll need:
– 1 bottle of Red Wine
– 1 can of Club Soda
– 1 shot of Brandy
– Fruits cut in cubes. You can choose the fruits you like. Here we chose: apples, oranges and strawberries
– 1 Cinnamon stick
How to make it:
1) Mix everything except the club soda together and add the cinnamon stick on top
2) Let it rest overnight if you can or for 10 hours before you serve
3) Add the club soda and serve
P1040543 P1040544
Enjoy! 😉

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