Did you learn something new while wandering in the kitchens this holiday?? Because I sure did!

Even though she doesn’t cook a lot, my mom is a great person to go to when you’re looking for traditional tasty recipes from all over the world. I always get to pick up a few hints and tips from her when she cooks for Christmas – which she always does. 

This year, I learned how to make a ‘Mont Blanc’, which turned out to be easier than we think. The only thing you can’t manage to do alone is its shape. I tried to make a it a “mont”, but it turned out to be a small one 🙂 . Oh, well. I made a Mont Blanc!
All you need is:
– 1000 g of Creme de Marrons (Chestnut Cream)
– 750 ml of Creme Fraiche
– Meringues (as much as you can – in my mom’s recipe, you don’t make the meringues, you just buy them all ready from a pastry shop)
– For the sauce, 500 g of dark chocolate (I prefer the Poulain brand) and 500 ml of Creme Fraiche
How to make it:
Note before I start: Make it 1 day before you intend to serve it.
1. In the serving dish, place the meringues in circle:
2. Whip the creme fraiche in a mixer until it becomes thick:
3. Coat the meringues with the chestnut cream and the whipped creme fraiche:
4. Repeat on top of each layer 
5. Make the sauce – melt the chocolate in a casserole and heat with the creme fraiche:
Don’t Forget! Put it in the fridge all night, and serve with sauce aside.

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