In February, I shared my decision to write a bucket list every month of 2015 and promised to try and follow it. You can read my February bucket list on this link. I tried to achieve everything but succeeded in only doing some of the items on my list, like cooking Ramen, and healthy dishes, I tried Spin the Hen and Prune Bistro so that’s my 2 new restaurants to try out, I went to yoga class as much as I could, discovered new songs (new playlist coming soon), I discovered a new ingredients (soon on the product of the week series), planned a trip (but to a place I’ve already been to – sneak peek), and watched the theory of everything (awesome movie!). So this month, I’m keeping some of the things I didn’t do on my list and adding new ones as well. Here goes.

Breadonbutter’s March Bucket List

  1. I’m going to Paris at the end of the month. I’ve already been there tons of times, but I plan on discovering new things I’ve never even seen in this city.
  2. Try a no-flour cake (and make it puff up)
  3. Go someplace new in Lebanon – Any suggestion would be most welcomed
  4. Develop my photography skills with the help of these cool videos
  5. Discover at least one of Beirut’s hidden gems
  6. Walk around more instead of taking the car everywhere
  7. Drink more smoothies as afternoon snacks
  8. Start Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
  9. Cook an ethnic meal (maybe Ethiopian)
  10. Try to make giant meringues (with success)
  11. Make homemade donuts
  12. Watch The Darjeeling Limited , Birdman and Waitress (both recommendations of Beirutista and Nouchaline) – I’ve been so hooked up on series that I don’t make time for actual movies anymore

Any other suggestion? 🙂

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