The first time I discovered Lily Vanilli’s Bakery in East London was back in October 2013. I was in London visiting my sister and she took me to this hidden gem she knew I was going to love. When you enter the place, the first thing you see is a range of cakes. It’s not like any other bakery as the cakes are all decorated in a fantastic and cool way. The place is also decorated in a funky way with lots of gadgets all around that can only inspire you.

lily vanilli | breadonbutter

Then, right there on the counter, I saw the Lily Vanilli Recipe book: Sweet Tooth! I was so happy I grabbed it immediately. Just having the chance to try and replicate those amazing little cakes was pure happiness. I now have it at home and consult it for recipes but also for tips on baking and lessons on ingredients and baking material.

lily vanilli | breadonbutter

If you’re a baker at heart, get it, you’ll absolutely love it. Below is the a recipe from it so you can get an idea of what you can get. This bitter orange chocolate cake is not the easiest one to make and I haven’t tried it yet but it looks delicious (and challenging for an amateur baker). 🙂

lily vanilli | breadonbutter


Have you heard of Lily Vanilli?

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