Today, I was going to blog about a nice salad recipe we had enjoyed for dinner last night. But then, I saw that something was going on that I couldn’t bypass this time. I had always told myself that this blog was going to be about nice things in life, that I was only going to aim to inspire people and make them forget about their real problems for a while. But, as a foodie and as an addict of good meals, I just have to share my opinion about what happened yesterday on television.

The Minister of Health gave a press conference to talk about the quality of meat and chicken sold and served in our country. The first thing I felt when I sat there watching him talk was doubt, and the first thing I thought was “It’s a scam”. Then I realized this was sad. Even the MINISTER OF HEALTH has lost his credibility, and is thought to be manipulated or to manipulate (note here that I’m unaware of who belongs to which group politically and I’m planning on staying ignorant for the rest of my life). I’m not sure why they would issue this kind of information; I’m not even sure who and what to believe. But what I do know is that the first thing we all did was doubt. We thus have come to only trust our own judgment. Focusing on Roadster Diner’s chicken breast fiasco, the initial reaction of the diner’s loyal customers (including myself) was to go there and order anything that comes with chicken. Hats off to Najib from Blog Baladi, I hope you enjoyed your chicken salad! 🙂

This all leads to some questions that need to be asked:

  •  Is it all true?
  • Why is it all talk and no action? If ground meat is indeed infected, why isn’t the said restaurant or distributor banned from the market?
  • When a restaurant is not conforming to the rules and regulations of health, what happens to it?
  • Some of the restaurants in the list have central kitchens. So how can ingredients be infected in one branch and not in the others?
  • And if it is all true, have we become immune?

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