I’ve been watching and reading Jamie Oliver for as long as I can remember. He makes cooking seem so simple and fun and inspires all of us to healthy and flavorsome cooking. As we all know, the secret to a perfect dish is in the spices and seasoning. Two cooks can never produce the same final result as each one of them puts his own touch of spices and seasoning to it all. When I discovered that Jamie Oliver had created those grind mills that are a blend of different spices, I was delighted. You will find great combinations that will make you want to head to the kitchen right away. Plus, they’re the perfect seasoning to light dinners, adding flavor and great satisfaction. This is also made for the lazy ones who need to spice up their basic lunches and dinners, making cooking more simple.

In Beirut, the Jamie Oliver grind mills can be found at TSC Signature.

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