I’ve been featuring a Design Item of the week for a while now as I’m always on a quest to discover cool things and sharing them on the blog. But since I also constantly discover new foodie products, I will be sharing Design items and foodie products alternatively. This week, the selected product is the legendary Sriracha Sauce.

We discovered Sriracha a few months ago while looking for a spicy Chicken Wings recipe. We stumbled upon one online and we’ve been hooked to it ever since (recipe here). Back then, when we saw something called Sriracha featured in the ingredients, we weren’t really sure it was going to be easy to find. I hadn’t even noticed it was actually the name of the sauce placed on all Asian restaurants’ tables in the world! But we did find it, and now we can’t live without it. It’s become one of our must-haves condiments at home, right next to mustard and ketchup.

Recently, the sauce has become widely famous. More people are aware of its existence and brands even use it as a flavor. Kettle Potato Chips now have a Sriracha flavored bag! What’s more, ketchup, beer, popcorn, lollipops, candy canes and pizza sauces can all be found Sriracha-flavored. This article in Food and Wine confirms it.

So what’s the story behind this sauce?

Sriracha wasn’t born until 1980. It was created by David Tran in Chinatown and was later introduced to the U.S. He made his own hot sauce by hand in a bucket and started selling it out of a van. He refused to adjust his product by making it a less spicy one like most people were suggesting. His answer was:

Hot sauce must be hot. If you don’t like it hot, use less. We don’t make mayonnaise here.

Being a hot sauce freak, I eat almost everything with a bit of Sriracha sauce. For spicy lovers, use it with Edamame, throw it in your salads (in small quantities) or dip chicken wings in it.

You can watch the whole Sriracha production process below (explained by David Tran himself!)

Who here is a spicy lover? Is Sriracha Sauce among your condiments?

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