It is a fact that I have finally come to accept. I have slightly been neglecting Breadonbutter for the past few months but the reasons are many and I won’t bore you with meaningless excuses. I am now ready to kick off again and with plenty in stock, only for you. There will be food, there will be new places to visit, there will be travel and there will be lots of tips – also expect a new section on babies and pregnancy since we have now a wonderful new person in our lives 🙂 . 

Contributors will also be welcomed to share their experiences because, after all, inspiration comes from places we go to but also from people we talk to. The first purpose of this blog was its community and entourage after all. Many friends helped me and pushed me to continue and not give up, so this is what I shall do.

Before we kick off this busy year, I thought I would round up the posts you liked the most. I will be building on these as they clearly reflect why readers keep coming back to this site. I would also love to hear from you. What would you want me to write about? What are your biggest challenges lately, that I can help you overcome?

Breadonbutter’s Most Popular Posts in 2016

Travel & Places

Top Italian Restaurants in Beirut – This article caused quite a stir. Some agreed, some didn’t, others got really mad! I surely changed my mind about some restaurants on the list and I’ll be reshuffling it once I make my mind up again.

Top 5 coffee shops to work in Beirut – Since I’ve been working full time for a while, I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to places to work in Beirut. Lots of new coffeeshops have opened and I have yet to try them. So keep an eye out for an updated post.

Backpacking in Srilanka – I absolutely loved sharing my experience and reliving it through these articles.

Reasons to travel to Mykonos – Since I was against visiting a much touristic place before going there, and ended up loving it, I think this post should be read by anyone who stays away from mainstream activities.

Things to do in Morocco – This was written by my sister after she visited Marrakesh and its surroundings. It really made me want to visit and it is still on my mind as a top place to travel to soon.

7 apps for travel I can’t go without – Travelers, I’m sure you did rejoice with this one!

It is also clear you all enjoyed the day trips and weekend plan ideas in Lebanon during all seasons. From hiking in the Qadisha Valley to spending the weekend in Batroun, Beiteddine or Tripoli, I will be posting more about our tiny rich country all through the year. Also look for A Food Story.


How to make Ameh is still going strong even though it was posted end of 2015!

You people seem to love Lebanese and comfort food, like Kafta Batata, Lebanese omelette, Zaatar flatbread, Soup for rainy Monday nights and Mujaddara. Message received.

I am beyond relieved you also like my cake recipes and baking adventures as this is my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. The most popular were: Pain perdu, Fluffy Chocolate cake, Lemon cheesecake, Madeleines, deconstructed red velvet cake, apple cinnamon cake, flourless chocolate cake, fast and easy Christmas tree chocolate cake and 3-ingredient butter biscuits.

The fact that my ethnic food experiences like this deliciously spicy key wat made you click to read makes me very happy.

Also, I am glad we share the same love for boeuf stroganoff, cafe frappe, fresh crab and bloody maries!

Lifestyle Tips & Series

Books and coffee are two of my favorite things. Some popular posts in this category were: what’s your coffee routine, 5 books for your kitchen shelf and Beirut Cooks.

Since I constantly strive to stay healthy and build a feel-good lifestyle, the fact that we share the same interest makes it all the more easier to make more efforts. Popular posts in this category were: Juicing vs. Blending, Canarino, Healthy snacks that keep me going, hommos as a superfood, and Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Since we’re all in this together in this whirlwind called life, I’m glad you follow my tips for cooking, growing up (see On Turning 30), and food therapy (see Cooking in Group and Cook Like No one is watching).

I love discovering new ingredients, new design items, and gifting people I love. And I’m glad you do too! Popular posts here were: gifts for food lovers, gifts for design lovers, Products of the week and Design items of the week.

Wherever I go, I like to observe people and even sometimes – if they’re responsive enough – talk to strangers. I shared a few stories about inspiring people behind places and things I fell in love with and you loved their stories too! See: Onno, Himaya, Cyril Najjar, Papercup and Isabella Baffa.

In winter, cheese and wine seems to be a common favorite thing to do. You loved Cheese and Wine by Aziz and Don’t Pair Cheese with Wine.

Finally, for the sake of exploring and discovering new experiences, I’m glad you loved the 5 Things London series and the 3 unusual things to do on Valentine’s post.

Now, if you please, do share some ideas with me to make your year more inspiring and stay tuned for lots of new stuff!


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