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Dining Etiquette Tips

First and foremost, I apologize for not writing in so long. The truth is, as I’ve already said, the last months were hard on those of us who live in Lebanon. I hope it will get better soon and that we’ll all get back to a somewhat normal life.

Meanwhile, despite the bad state of the country, weddings and celebratory dinners were still held. After all, it would be awful to halt our lives in general, and leave it in the hands of incompetent politicians. So we still went to celebrate friends’ milestones and managed to put our worries away and have fun!

So! I’ve seen loads of table setups this summer, some I absolutely loved, some that I found were too much and others so lovely I wanted to take everything home! With respect to my love for table setups, here’s a guide to formal dining etiquette, or when and how to use all those forks and knives 🙂


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