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Travel Checklist of a Global Citizen – A Drifter’s Packing Philosophy

My Global citizen friend Max (whom I introduced once here) has done us the honor today of sharing his philosophy and way of packing. Basically, he tells us how to detach from your life and travel light and free. Enjoy reading a global citizen’s travel checklist 🙂 Continue Reading “Travel Checklist of a Global Citizen – A Drifter’s Packing Philosophy”

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Welcome Spring: The Ultimate Checklist For The Perfect BBQ

Last Saturday was really fantastic. The weather was wonderful and we all headed outside the city to Batroun for a fun BBQ in the sun. We were a whole bunch of people (including Maya from Playing With Fashion and her husband) and everyone was happy and excited. The goal was to get there a bit late and to start eating around 3 pm to then enjoy the beautiful sunset. By 1 pm, everything was set: a ping pong table and darts game, drinks, and music.  All that was left was for people to get there so that the grilling could start.

A BBQ can be manageable and trouble-free. You just need to be really organized and keep things uncomplicated. To make things easier on you, here’s a checklist you can use if you’re looking to have some fun with friends around a grill.

Breadonbutter’s Ultimate BBQ Checklist

1- The Material

When you’re hosting a BBQ, no matter its size, you want to be able to have fun with your guests and not end up cleaning for hours afterwards. To do that, it’s all in the material you get. Since a BBQ is always outdoor and very casual and laid-back, you can easily go plastic: plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups. No one will judge and you’ll be way more relaxed as nothing will break and everything goes in a huge garbage bag at the end of the day. Of course, skewers are essential and a nice BBQ toolkit would be a great plus. Jean got this one at Christmas from his little brother (the most useful gift ever). For those who will be actually grilling the meat (thank you Gigi and Marwan 😉 ), make sure you have a handy enough grill or grills for that matter. If you’re planning a big party, make sure you have enough space to grill enough food for everyone and not keep them waiting.

BBQ | Breadonbutter

2- The Food

If you usually prepare food for friends and family, you should know by now that not everyone eats everything. Some don’t eat meat, some hate chicken and some can’t even get near the smell of seafood. You’ll even have those friends who’ve just turned vegetarian on you! So be prepared for everything and be ready to satisfy all of your guests. What we had on Saturday:

– Two kinds of marinated chicken wings and drumsticks (recipes soon)

Kafta (Kebabs) sandwiches

– Shrimps

– Calamari

– Mini burgers

– Eggplant and Zucchini skewers (just cut them in cubes and get them ready for grilling)

– Potato skewers

– Accompaniments: bread, ketchup, mustard, mayo, tabasco

BBQ | Breadonbutter

BBQ | Breadonbutter

BBQ | Breadonbutter

chicken | breadonbutter

BBQ | Breadonbutter

BBQ | Breadonbutter

3- The Drinks

Aside from soft drinks, water and beer, I suggest you make two yummy punches your guests can start with as soon as they arrive. On Saturday, we made a nice Sangria (recipe here) the night before and a non-alcoholic punch for those who wanted something fresh but didn’t want alcohol (recipe soon). Jean also became really popular with his delicious Gin Basil drink (recipe soon as well!)

BBQ | Breadonbutter

BBQ | Breadonbutter

BBQ | Breadonbutter

4- The Music

A nice playlist with various types of music is an absolute must! Having no electricty plug is no excuse nowadays as a laptop or speaker is enough. Stay tuned for a BBQ playlist 🙂

You can use the checklist below if you’re hosting a BBQ soon!


BBQ checklist

So go out there, get in the sun, play some music and hang out with your dearest friends. That’s how life should be. 🙂

Are you a fan of BBQs?

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