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Product of The Week: Peanut Butter by J Jar Homemade

I’ve been eyeing Jessy’s spreads for quite some time, until I finally got to meet her and taste her delicious (and healthy!) peanut butter spread.

peanut butter | breadonbutter

Jessy studied and works in Marketing and she’s also a Certified Personal Trainer. She’s into Sports and loves everything healthy. A while ago, she noticed that the peanut butter spreads sold in the market are full of hydrogenated fat and therefore not so good for our bodies. That’s when she decided to make her own peanut butter. After everyone around her had a spoonful and loved it, she took  the decision to make it in quantities and sell it. The ingredients Jessy uses are all healthy, authentic and homegrown.

I usually have a spoon of it with my afternoon snack, be it a fruit or a smoothie, but there’s a whole lot more you can pair it with. Jessy’s suggestions are written on a small paper tied to the jar: Pretzels, cookies, bananas, chocolate, apple, jams, and even chicken! She also suggested pairing peanut butter and bananas or dates before heading to work or to the gym as it gives good energy.

peanut butter | breadonbutter

I also got a great recipe tip using this delicious peanut butter spread. I’ll be making it for lunch really soon so stay tuned for the full recipe and photos! 🙂

J Jar Homemade products go beyond peanut butter. Jessy also makes fig tapenade, pesto and other spreads (you can check them all on J Jar Homemade’s facebook page on this link). J Jar Homemade products are sold at Souk el Tayeb, L’Appartement Beirut, and Food Dealer.

peanut butter | breadonbutterpeanut butter | breadonbutterpeanut butter | breadonbutter

Have you tried it?

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