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Light Eggplant Recipe + Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Working out is an amazing thing to be doing on Saturday mornings and Sylphide helped me get out of bed early a few weeks ago. What they did was host a healthy breakfast and workout sessions, seasoned with an hour talk with a cool and hip nutritionist called Nadine Issa. We talked about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy the meals we love and cherish, so I thought I’d share what I basically learnt on that day. Continue Reading “Light Eggplant Recipe + Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle”

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Healthy Recipes To Get You Back on Track

After a long and cold Winter, the sun is peeking out again. Therefore, we’ve all become conscious of the weight we’ve gained drinking hot chocolate and feasting on patisserie to keep warm. So to get you back on track with healthy eating, here are 6 recipes, tried and approved by Breadonbutter (click on the title of the dish for the full recipe).

6 Healthy and Easy Recipes

Grilled white fish

For a fulfilling protein and veggies meal, grill a nice white fish and sprinkle with spices and herbs for added flavor.

healthy | breadonbutter

Potato and Meat patties (or Kafta Batata)

This meal is the perfect combination of healthy and satisfying. Have it with a green salad for freshness.

lebanese | breadonbutter

Light Cucumber Sesame salad

I love making this salad for a really light and refreshing dinner. If you’re into Asian food, you’ll love the dressing!

salad | breadonbutter

Lebanese Omelette

Full of flavor, this is guaranteed to keep you satisfied.

lebanese | breadonbutter

White beans cooked with lemon

This meal is detoxifying and will fight away your body fat 🙂

beans | breadonbutter

Spicy shrimps

Spicy lovers, this is for you! Try it, it won’t disappoint you 🙂

spicy | breadonbutter

So, what’s for dinner tonight?

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