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2015 Round-Up and January Bucket List

I’m not a person who can commit on the long-term to something that doesn’t really, truly interest me. I’m more the type of person who embraces change and actually needs it. If I decide to start a new hobby or commit to something new, you’ll find me losing interest more often than not. On the other hand, some things and people remain in my life forever. Moments I love become habits I foster over time, and I make it a point to keep loved ones happy. I’ve mentioned before that this blog is a true passion and that it reveals aspects of myself that even I hadn’t discovered. In 2015, it has brought me a lot. Not only did I see that what I write is appreciated (check out Breadonbutter as the number 8 most influential blog in Lebanon!), but I also challenged myself through it. Through my monthly bucket lists, I was able to set small goals that led to achieving bigger ones. It was a pleasure writing each and every one of these lists. You can check them all here.

To start 2016 properly, I wanted to remember my favorite things about 2015 before writing the first bucket list of the year, so here goes:

  • Trip to Paris, London and the Lake District
  • Attending Food Blogger Connect 2015, meeting great people and tuning in to amazing talks by inspiring people.
  • Reading lots of books
  • Watching loads of movies
  • Collaborating with fellow bloggers who became dear friends
  • Exploring Lebanon
  • The Whole 30 challenge which led me to replace bad eating habits with healthier ones
  • Volunteering for the AUB Cookbook that is to be launched in June of 2016
  • Trying out new recipes that I usually found impossible to make (like this ramen)
  • Discovering lots of new ingredients and products
  • Meeting a lot of inspiring people
  • Cooking with Bibayti
  • Moving houses!

There are so many more things and the above are just highlights of last year. Moving on to the present and near future, say hello to the first list of the year 😉

Breadonbutter’s January Bucket List

  • Get fit again
  • Plan our next trip
  • Continue online photography courses
  • Start planting on our balcony
  • Host lots of cocktail parties
  • Sleep early at least 4 days of the week
  • Go hiking somewhere new
  • Finish the book I’m currently reading (All The Light We Cannot See), which is a must-read
  • Have cook-offs at home with friends who love cooking
  • Watch old classic movies like Casablanca and Psycho
  • Have lots of nights in with the Sherlock series and a nice bowl of homemade popcorn

Any plans this January?

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Make Your Movie Night Sweeter: Movie and Dessert Pairings

Rainy nights are the best, don’t you think? Whether it’s girls’ night in, date night, or a much-needed rest day, there’s nothing quite as comforting as curling up with a classic movie and some tasty treats. For a foodie, the treats are just as important as the movie. Good thing some of our favorite flicks feature iconic desserts that we can whip up in our kitchen in no time. Think ice cream sundae and ‘Home Alone’ or milkshakes and ‘Pulp Fiction’.

To showcase these perfect movie and dessert pairings,Shari’s Berriesillustrated a fun graphic, because plain popcorn is better left at the movie theater, right? So next time you want to make your movie watching experience a little bit sweeter, pull up this guide to determine which memorable dessert is just right.

Movie and Dessert Pairings

Movie and Dessert Pairing Guide

Any of the above your favorite? Any other suggestion?

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Travel Movie: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – A Must-Watch For Travel Lovers

The Second Best Marigold Hotel is the follow up story of Sonny and the gang. It tells the story of now co-managers Muriel Donnelly (Maggie Smith) and Sonny Kapoor (Dev Patel) who take on the challenge of expanding to the second best marigold hotel. Soon enough, the expansion plans start taking a toll on Sonny and his fast approaching wedding with the love of his life Sunaina (Tina Desai).

travel movie | breadonbutter

We watched it last week, and I can safely say that it was the perfect short escape from reality. Not only is the movie fun and entertaining but it also shows a lot about life and new beginnings. It even gave us an idea of where we’ll be going backpacking next. India looks so peaceful and full of colors. Through the movie, I felt their love for life and appreciation of simple and natural things. Also, India is one of the top iconic places to photograph in the World! Another great reason to head there very soon.

travel movie | breadonbutter

travel movie | breadonbutter

Have you been to India? 

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Opinion 1 comment on March Bucket List

March Bucket List

In February, I shared my decision to write a bucket list every month of 2015 and promised to try and follow it. You can read my February bucket list on this link. I tried to achieve everything but succeeded in only doing some of the items on my list, like cooking Ramen, and healthy dishes, I tried Spin the Hen and Prune Bistro so that’s my 2 new restaurants to try out, I went to yoga class as much as I could, discovered new songs (new playlist coming soon), I discovered a new ingredients (soon on the product of the week series), planned a trip (but to a place I’ve already been to – sneak peek), and watched the theory of everything (awesome movie!). So this month, I’m keeping some of the things I didn’t do on my list and adding new ones as well. Here goes.

Breadonbutter’s March Bucket List

  1. I’m going to Paris at the end of the month. I’ve already been there tons of times, but I plan on discovering new things I’ve never even seen in this city.
  2. Try a no-flour cake (and make it puff up)
  3. Go someplace new in Lebanon – Any suggestion would be most welcomed
  4. Develop my photography skills with the help of these cool videos
  5. Discover at least one of Beirut’s hidden gems
  6. Walk around more instead of taking the car everywhere
  7. Drink more smoothies as afternoon snacks
  8. Start Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
  9. Cook an ethnic meal (maybe Ethiopian)
  10. Try to make giant meringues (with success)
  11. Make homemade donuts
  12. Watch The Darjeeling Limited , Birdman and Waitress (both recommendations of Beirutista and Nouchaline) – I’ve been so hooked up on series that I don’t make time for actual movies anymore

Any other suggestion? 🙂

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7 Inspiring Must-Watch Travel Movies and Their Snacks

One of the best things to do on some nights is to stay in with a nice movie and food. I just love to be transported to another place and another story and travel for a while. Movies make you dream, inspire you, and make you feel you can accomplish anything.

I love all types of movies, except for thrillers. Optimally, the ones I prefer are travel movies. I’ve watched loads of them and I’d love to share the top 7  on my mind today, along with the best snacks that would go perfectly with each.

Breadonbutter’s List of 7 top Travel movies and their snacks

The Grand Budapest Hotel

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Historical

Running Time: 100 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Pizza

Life of Pi

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Fantasy and Adventure

Running Time: 127 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Cotton Candy

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Societal problems

Running Time: 124 minutes

Best Snack to go with it:Yogurt and red fruit

The Motorcycle Diaries

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Memoir

Running Time: 126 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Nachos topped with melted cheese

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Romantic Comedy Drama (Woody Allen!)

Running Time: 97 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Chocolate candy

The Way

travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Adventure and Drama

Running Time: 123 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: All types of popcorn – salty, caramel, cheesy, or spicy


travel movies | breadonbutter

Theme: Animation and Adventure

Running Time: 101 minutes

Best Snack to go with it: Corn on the cob

My favorite 2 are UP and Life of Pi. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all, but these two have touched me until the present day. Even though UP is only a cartoon, it made me see that it’s never too late to go on an adventure and that you will be never left alone in life. As for Life of Pi, because it is based on a true story told by a man who is still alive today, it touched me to the very core. It also showed me the power of our minds and to which extent it can take us. 7 absolute must-watch movies!

Which ones have you watched? Any other snack recommendations?


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Opinion 6 comments on February Bucket List

February Bucket List

Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I always stumble upon things that inspire me. I always jot down my flowing ideas and I end up with notes everywhere – on my phone, on my desk, on my bedside table, in my Moleskine, or even on a supermarket bill in the car. So to channel those plans and thoughts, I decided to put everything in writing, on an organized list every month. Now that list might not be very realistic or achievable, but a life without dreaming is a life without meaning 😉

Breadonbutter February Bucket List

  1. Plan a trip to a place I’ve never visited before
  2. Cook Ramen
  3. Cook healthy dishes
  4. Try a no-flour cake (and make it puff up!)
  5. Eat at 2 new restaurants
  6. Do more yoga at Nok Yoga Shala
  7. Go someplace new in Lebanon – I’ve never been to Ehden and I hear it’s beautiful
  8. Hike and ski more – I’ve become quite sedentary lately and that’s wrong!
  9. Have a fondue night somewhere cold before the hot weather strikes again
  10. Discover new songs and compile a new and fresh playlist (you can check previous playlists here, here and here)
  11. Be more productive
  12. Discover a new ingredient – just like we discovered Sriracha
  13. Discover new neighborhoods in Beirut – you think you know everything but you don’t
  14. Watch The Theory of Everything and The Darjeeling Limited
  15. Read at least 2 chapter of the Baking Basics & Beyond e-book

Anything you can relate to? 🙂

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A Foodie Movie To Watch This Weekend

If you love to cook with music in the background or if you’re an aspiring chef, you absolutely have to watch this movie this weekend.

It’s about a chef who has been working at a restaurant for years and who has his creativity hushed by the restaurant owner. One night, he gets a bad review from one of the most important blogger/critiques of the moment and this is when it all starts. He quits his job and gets a food truck. With the help of his son, friend and ex-wife, ‘El Jefe’ becomes so famous you’ll believe it’s real.

This will keep you craving for Cubanos and good food. Still salivating over the dishes he made in the movie. The cast is also really great, starring lots of favorite actors of our time.