Thanksgiving is not really a tradition we follow here in Lebanon. But I have noticed that people around me are starting to get a feel for it. In particular, Eliane and Nabil Khayat, who hosted “Thanks for Giving chez les Khayat” on November 22nd, the very same day our bitter-sweet country got its (in)dependence (as their daughter (and my sweet friend) Marielle would say on smail4u). The goal of the party was to gather necessities for the disadvantaged – food, milk, clothes, etc… – and each one of us volunteered in some way. The main attraction was the manger (creche). It was just beautiful. Like walking in “Small World”, Eurodisney. Food was also served by volunteers, including Breadonbutter and its guest chef Jean Fares who was the barman. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy 🙂

The Manger
The Bar
The Christmas Tree
Jean Fares
Delicious Punch made by our bartender – recipe soon
Breadonbutter – Brownie Cupcakes with frosting, Baba au Rhum and Coconut Balls (recipe soon)

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