Since as long as I can remember, I’ve been daydreaming of the things I would have in my own home. When I was only 13, I would buy tons of interior design magazines and fold the pages where I saw stuff I liked. I still do that but, with the arrival of Pinterest in my life, I do it less and less. What I remember wanting, is to have a house with personality. Not those houses you copy from catalogues or furniture stores’ windows, but a house with pieces that make it yours.
When we moved into our apartment 2 months ago, we were looking for coffee tables ideas. And after multiple research and brainstorming, we had the idea to do it ourselves. With a few wooden pallets, some screws and smoothing paint for wooden surfaces, the job was done. Not only did we now have a coffee table, but extra storage space as well! Groovy, right?

So here’s how we made it. We went into a handy store and got the following:

– Transparent smoothing paint for wooden surfaces
– A box of nails
– An electric screw-driver (you don’t actually have to buy one, you can borrow it from someone you know who has it)
– Metal screw connectors
– Small wheels


We also called a guy we know who makes mirrors and glass table tops and ordered a glass top for the table with the exact same measurements as the pallet’s.
We painted the pallets and let them dry over night, then placed them on top of each other, nailed them together from the sides with the metal connectors and of course, the nails, then pinned down the wheels on each bottom corner and placed the glass on top. Here are some pictures to help you visualize it all. It’s pretty easy and so much fun!
Also, it turns out my friend Mediha (who lives in Istanbul) had the same idea but with only one wooden pallet and the result was so stylish 🙂 (pictures below)

More pictures of the multi-purpose table 🙂

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