Every year, approximately 400 billions cups of coffee are consumed, which makes it one (if not the one) of the most popular drinks in the whole world.

Other than being an important commodity, coffee is also the new target for those looking to develop a new hobby. I like to call them the bean-lovers – i.e. the people who love the smell of coffee so much they start to experiment with it. I’ve still to research and observe bean-lovers as they’ve only recently appeared on my radar.

I’m not a bean-lover yet but the truth is, coffee inspires me. Its smell fascinates me even more than its taste. It all starts with coffee for me – my day, my productivity or even any random activity. I mean, thank God for it. It makes me feel alive, safe, and at ease in my own little world. I even feel it understands where I’m coming from. All the time.

coffee routine | breadonbutter

So I noticed that I’ve been quite inconsistent in my choice of coffee lately. I jump from one brand to the next, one kind to the next and find myself wanting all kinds of coffee machines (even though we already have two at home). It got me thinking about my coffee routine (and yours). That’s when I came to the conclusion that coffee habits change according to 3 factors: time, place and most importantly, mood.

I have my coffee “moments”, depending on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling comfy and a bit hungry, a huge Nescafe with a bit of creamer is my go-to. In the morning, I press the filter coffee machine button and wait for our filter coffee to diffuse its morning smell. My favorite filter coffee currently is Café Younes’ Special Blend (oh my!). Nespresso or Turkish coffee, I reserve for social encounters (i.e. if everyone’s having it). Cappuccino and latte are a treat. I drink them either when I’m out having coffee with friends or on the go from any Starbucks.

coffee routine | breadonbutter coffee routine | breadonbutter

One of my favorite coffee ads is actually a Bollywood one of a cartoonist. Click on this link to watch it. I most certainly relate to this ad’s character.

coffee routine | breadonbutter

I’d love to know about your coffee routine! When do you have it? Which one do you prefer? Any favorite brand? 

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  1. I agree with you on cafe younes special blend ! I get it freshly ground from their roaster shop in hamra for my stove-top morning routine .

    And wine.

    Cafe Younes is a good local coffee brand. They have some blends that are exquisite for French press, that my fix. I’ve tried the other big chains and can only savor Starbucks.

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