Whenever I hear Italy, I hear happiness, joy and positivity. The first time I visited the country was with my parents when I was 14. It was one of those trips that you never forget. We did the whole tour. Rome, Venice, Florence, Cascia, Assisi, and Rimini. I loved it so much that I made a point back then to throw that quarter in the Fontana di Trevi to come back. And I did go back, 6 times to be exact. And I’m planning to go again.

I always say the culture of a country is reflected in its food and the way its people eat. Here are a few memorable ones that reflect the Italianos.

The “Ciccolato i Vino” shots in Trastevere, Rome – i.e. Wine in a chocolate shot topped with creme chantilly, that is eaten all at once

The most cheerful and cutest cappuccino in Milan that my sister (who lived there for a year) and I used to have every morning before starting our day. This made us happy everyday 🙂

Charcuterie, Cheese and Wine in Florence

Gelato – the best flavors were Orange and NUTELLONE, in Piazza Navona, Rome
The Porchetta sandwich, while driving to “Rocca di Papa” (The Pope’s Rock),  a small town in the province of Rome

Sadly, I have no good picture of the “Spaghetti al Vongole” and “Carbonara” I had in Rome, but I can tell you they’re unforgettable. However, I got a nice “carbonara” recipe from an Italian lady in Milan that I will be cooking soon.

The good food you have in Italy is countless and I will soon be back from there with new dishes! 

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